Monday, 24 July 2017

What You Don't Know About Your Husband

Sometimes we men are taken for a monster. Nobody out there ever believed in us. We've been tagged the craziest being ever created by God. Here I will show you fifty facts you must know about your husband.

1. Your husband is the head, respect him.

2. Your husband has a lot of burden to carry, support him.

3. Your husband has ups and downs too, encourage him.

4. Your husband has his flaw, overlook it.

5. Your husband may fail to bring money sometimes, manage him.

6. Your husband has family too, give them time.

7. Your husband is self willed, submit to him.

8. Your husband owns your body, give it to him anytime he wants.

9. Your husband can not always pester you to talk always, open up too.

10. Your husband can't foot the bills alone, be resourceful.

11. Your husband is your crown, wear it about.

12. Your husband is weak sometimes, be there for him.

13. Your husband faces challenges too, pray for him.

14. Your husband is your half, always complete him.

15. Your husband is not mandated to do it always, praise him.

16. Your husband may earn less than you, keep his secret.

17. Your husband makes blunder, don't play the shift-blame game.

18. Your husband has  bad days sometimes, cuddle him.

19. Your husband is your partner, don't hide anything from him.

20. Your husband loves to exercise his power, correct with love.

21. Your husband loves to argue, leave him to his opinion that moment.

22. Your husband is younger than you, don't treat him like a younger sibling.

23. Your husband is human, accept his idiosyncrasies.

24. Your husband is your first boss, show him respect.

25. Your husband is your confidant, leave your mother off your issues.

26. Your husband has friends, be accommodating.

27. Your husband likes food, don't be a lazy cook.

28. Your husband loves surprises too, thrill him always.

29. Your husband is your god, worship him.

30. Your husband is depressed, be his comforter.

31. Your husband needs love too, give more than he expects.

32. Your husband is not a   robot, do some chores yourself.

33. Your husband is not your servant, appreciate his deeds.

34. Your husband is not your ATM, give him money too.

35. Your husband has his birthday as well, celebrate him.

36. Your husband gets tired, don't add more to his burden.

37. Your husband can not be right always, don't see him as a mad man.

38. Your husband can not provide all for you, don't look outside.

39. Your husband is not violent, you only need to keep silent for him.

40. Your husband is handsome, tell him every time.

41. Your husband comes home late always, look into the mirror.

42. Your husband is your destiny, shape it well.

43. Your husband takes you for who you present yourself to be, think twice.

44. Your husband needs your advice, don't assume he won't take it.

45. Your husband gets cumbered with activities, understand him.

46. Your husband is your leader, follow him.

47. Your husband has authority, beware of his curse.

48. Your husband owns the children too, don't turn them against him.

49. Your husband has female friends too, don't suspect him always.

50. Your husband is the only source of joy in your marriage not the kids, grow to love and understand him.

Chinedu Ihekwoaba.

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Successful Blogging Tips That Will Help You.


 Blogging is such an interesting online activity and you can expect to have a lot back from it. Feeding your readers with consistent informative updates will keep them visiting your blog sites. However, many bloggers have certain misconceptions about blog posts which may to a large extent pose great limitations to their success as bloggers. Here are 14 most common misconceptions about blog posts. 

#1. I will have to write long posts to impress my readers Your readers aren’t jobless. They need constant helpful information; that is why they keep visiting your sites. Thinking of posting unreasonably long writings to impress them won’t work out as you expect. Your blog posts should always be concise, detailed and meaningful. That way, they are better impressed. 

#2. Blogging is just all about writing Did you just say that? Oh no! If you consider blogging as mere writing, then you have not started yet. Of course, you have to create great contents; it is particularly one of those factors that determine the success of your blog. However, beyond creating quality contents for your audience, you have to be passionate about what you do; study hard before you write. Always learn more than you write. 

#3.You are confident about the quality of your writing and you don’t need help Practically, you can’t start blogging if you are not a good writer. I never said “a perfect writer”. It is pretty bad an idea to think that once you have written your blog posts, then they are ready to go online. Some of the successful bloggers have editors and some do proofreading to ensure the post is good enough for the intended message. You should make sure to proofread and double-check before posting. You can achieve this using good writing software. A very good example is Writeapp! With this, you can write efficiently and achieve overall quality. 

#4. You need to have a number of potential readers ready to read your posts If you keep waiting to have a certain number of potential readers waiting to read your message, you may never get started. The truth is everyone that comes across the link to your blog site has the tendency to become your potential reader. Why do you then have to wait to have a queue of readers before you start? You should learn to keep posting fascinating contents and marketing your blog sites. Social media are substantial to generate traffic for you. 

#5. You can copy other people blog posts and share on your blog Imagine you are a reader that visits a blog sites for information and updates; on two different occasions, you discovered the posts on the blog site you love to visit have just been copied from somewhere! I want to believe doubt and discouragement will set in. Don’t get this wrong. Reading on other sites and sharing on your blog site isn’t a crime; of course that’s the purpose of learning. When you come across a good content and you just want your readers to have a taste, create your own content, and make it great, after all you got the message. 

#6. Choosing to reply to only positive comments Whenever you post contents, always bear in mind that different people with different mindsets will read them. You should therefore expect to get both good and bad comments. Good comments are encouragement, bad comments are lessons. Learn from both and improve thereafter. 

#7. Limiting your writing to just a category of audience Why should you write only for the black when the white will read your posts? Why should you always pass information to the rich when the poor also visit your site? Why offering writings targeting just entrepreneurs when professionals are also everywhere on the internet. It is very good to specialize in a particular niche, but it is best to let your blog posts span all individuals. 

#8. You are afraid bad feedback can affect your blog’ success It is good to avoid bad comments by ensuring you deliver quality contents. Nevertheless, you should embrace them when they come and manage them efficiently. 

#9. Waiting for Your writing to be perfect before you post There can hardly be anything that is perfect. Each and every piece does not have to be perfect; it just needs to be interesting and valuable to your target audience. A constant stream of new content is the foundation for growing an audience rather than waiting for perfection. 

#10. You are always expecting just positive comments Not all your posts will yield positive feedbacks. Always expect both good and bad feedbacks after each post. With this you won't get a lot discouraged. 

#11. Waiting to have large audience before you start frequent posting Rome was not built in a day. You don’t invite people to your blog posts; your blog posts invite people to read them. Continue to post frequently and share your links on social media. Don’t wait to have a large audience before you upload your contents. You might never achieve that. 

#12. I have to write big so I will have big audience If this is your purpose of writing big, you might likely get disappointed. Whether you write big or small doesn’t determine the size of your audience. What actually determines that are the quality of your contents, the diversity of your contents, the frequency of your posts and your ability to generate traffic. 

#13. Your blog posts always have to be about you all the time Do you care to read about me? Why will anyone then care to read about you all the time? It is excellently fine when you post contents to educate your readers especially from your personal experience. But your blog posts should never be about you all the time. 

#14. A lot of posts always mean a lot of money You want a drastic increase in your income or you want to make a lot of money all of a sudden so you decide to post as many contents as possible each day. You have got it wrong. Too many posts does not equal to a lot of money. Invest your effort into having few blog posts and having a large number of people reading them.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Leaving Your Lane

Just like a car on the road has to maintain its lane to avert any form of collision that could bring about fatal accident. Same every human has been created to do exploit only in his lane. Sometimes we often measure success by what we can see or acquire, yes monetary terms mostly. I believe fulfilling mandate is what makes a successful life. 

Money is always an added advantage. No man fulfils mandate and live to regret it. Doing what you are created to do. It doesn't matter how long it takes, doing it pays dividends in the long run. No man enjoys success without the test of time. Every man must remain in his lane. 

We are not in the World to compete with anybody, we are to compliment ourselves and that can only happens, when we're in our lane. A footballer takes his time to watch other sports. He is also an entertainer but needs other people to satisfy his own needs too. He can't do it all.

We are all made for each other. Black or White, no matter who you are, or where you are from, we need each other to survive. I can't compare my lane to yours. I will never be the richest or poorest. I will always be in my lane. Problem abound from unhealthy comparison. The obsession for possession brings regrets that may be detrimental to your future. 

Creating jealousy and envy. Getting the heart heavy with burden not necessary. Pulling you out of your Lane. Who are you wrestling with? Today we live, tomorrow we are gone. Why unnecessary competition? 

Stay in your lane, you are a boss. A rabbit runs faster than a tortoise. A tortoise gets jealous of his slow movement and envied the rabbit. But a rabbit has a maximum of three year life span while a tortoise has 150 year life span. 

Tell me why the jealousy? We are all unique in our different ways. We are made to compliment. Every rivalry should be a healthy one. It should make us improve and not embittered. We all have our lane. 

I can't be you, you can't be me. But I need you to make me happy. I need you to bear my pains and console me in terms of sorrow. If you smile with me, try cry with me as well. We're in this together. 

We never can tell when we will say goodbye but we are still breathing, let's smile together. Life is vanity. Life is useless. Your joy matters to me than gold. Your prosperity is my wish so you can help my own ambitions too. 

You are not my competitor, you are my partner in progress. Together we will change the world. Let's stay in our lane so we can all bring good tidings to the future. 

Thank you. Read and share on your timeline with people in your world. 
I love you. 

Nemesis of a broken made a young girl lived a hopeless life. She fought the fight against rape, molestation, and insecurities. Finding solace in people who only took advantage of her naivety. She however continued to struggle till she faced the greatest blow of her life... Coming soon: HAUNTED WORLD

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ways To Build Your Twitter Connection To Boost Your Sales

It is not a new story that twitter is among the most used social media. Virtually everyday, people spent at least two minutes on twitter, with over millions of twitters on the social media, you stand a chance of reaching the world and boost your sales.

However, getting more retweets on Twitter has been established as one of the most powerful ways to spread on Twitter. However, most of the people who send out tweets do not see a significant number of retweets compared to the work and efort they put in. 

Only 1% of all of the tweets on Twitter are retweets. That means a majority of tweets are getting unnoticed and never spread. It’s not worth it to spend several hours on Twitter every day if your content is not spreading. 

There are some people on Twitter whose tweets get retweeted dozens of times, but most people are struggling to get a handful of retweets. Getting audience who would always read your tweets and interact with them is another problem I would love to solve here. Most time people on twitters has large number of connections, but only few get enough impression per tweets.

 The main reason why most people continue struggling to get more retweets is because they are not taught how to get more retweets. In this guide, I am going to share with you key methods that will allow you to get more retweets and spread faster on Twitter.

 #1: Be A Retweeter
You know the saying give, give, get? Sometimes, if you retweet someone’s tweets enough, that person will return the favor and retweet one of your tweets.
When you retweet someone else’s tweets, you must make sure these are the types of tweets that are related to what you tweet about on Twitter. Do not retweet just for the sake of retweeting someone else’s tweet. Millions of tweets are being sent every second so there is the ideal tweet for you to retweet somewhere.

#2: Engage With Your Audience
Engagement is one of the most undervalued methods of getting  more retweets. Engaging with your audience will allow you to  build stronger connections with your followers.  The people who you have numerous conversations with are going  to be the ones who retweet you often. They are going to be the  ones who promote you more than the typical follower. Having  these conversations will turn strangers into friends, and friends  like to talk about each other and spread the word.

#3: Think About Your Audience
It is important to know what kind of content your audience would want to retweet. You need to tweet the type of content that your  audience would want to retweet.  If your audience is looking for blogging tips, don’t tweet 10 facts  about girafes.  The next time you send out a tweet, think about how your  audience will react to it.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cheap Fruits That Are Good For Your Health

Sickness is the last thing I would ever pray for my enemies. Sickness takes a lot from you, it makes you give up your joy, strength, freedom, mind, money and even life. The annoying part of it all, it creeps in gradually. 

Sickness doesn't strike suddenly, it piles up and gets bigger as the day passes by, it keeps destroying you bit by bit. That's why you must act NOW. Fight it every day of your life. 

The problem with human is, we don't know when to say no. Nothing can be compared to having sound health. The difference between a living and the dead is dream. Only the living can achieve dream. The dead is gone and forgotten. Most times we work and over labor ourselves, while someone else enjoys the fruit of our labor. 

Sometimes we accuse so many people of being responsible for our woes. For how long will you keep shifting blames on your neighbor? Why not look into the Mirror and answer these questions, are you satisfying your body? Do you give enough rest to yourself? Are you money oriented and believe all that matters is money?

Is better to have little in sound health than having the whole world in sickness. You need to look at your health now. Exercise often, rest well and eat quality food. Give no room to sickness, instead give your health the best treat. Business tycoons out there, musicians, preachers, athletes, medical practitioners, do you take your health serious? 

My dear students reading this article, do you rest well. Resting is also a pathway to success. What does it profit a man, if he spends his good health acquiring success and forfeit his own life after achieving them? 

What you eat is your life. What gives life are either free or cheap, is what kills that are expensive. Your health matters to me most. As a statistician, the figures we get, I mean the statistics we get on sicknesses and mortality every year is alarming. That has prompted me to write about fruits you can take to improve the state of your well-being. 

The picture below depicts them clearly. Carefully study it and adhere to it in your own best way. 

God cures, human tries. Let's try our best and hope in God. It shall be well on every soul reading this, Amen. 

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Doing the Unimaginable

Greatness comes with a price. No man has ever climbed a mountain by mere looking at it. If only you can think it, then you can do it. 

Face your fear and fight till your last breath. A problem is not the way you always take it to be. A small problem becomes big when fear sets in. Life is always a battle, we are always fighting for one course at a time. The bigger the challenge, the greater the glory. 

No guts, no glory. No pain, no gain. Stand up on your feet. Overcome the hurdles of life and destroy the sting of disappointment. Even if you had been knocked down, rise again. Forget the ages battle, battle like you have only one moment to live for. 

Be the Anthony Joshua of your dream. Learn from your inexperience, shape yourself up. If you want to be a champion, you must love to fight. You must be ready to compete at the topmost. 

Competition is the food of every winner, war is the food of every soldier, court is the home of all lawyers. Fear is the greatest foe of every Man. If you do nothing, you get nothing. If you try something and failed, the experience can never be taken away from you. 

A failure is better than a lazy man.  A failure has an experience, he can guide people while a lazy man discourages others from trying. He sees lion out there every time. His life is too precious to lose. Poverty strike him over and over. He is okay with his present state. 

He has no plan for the future. His generation is not a burden to him. He just want to be like he had always being. 

Take your bold step and fight forever. Take that wee bit of courage even when that voice says you will fail, take a step and see the outcome first. Never assumed it will not work. Life is more than assumption, it is practical. 

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Is Never Too Late

It is no longer new that the year is in another half. When it started, we were anticipating so many things we wanted to achieve. We have laid down plans and tactics to actualize it.

Time is a friend to no man.  As it ticks, our life is counting. Some have celebrated birthdays, wedding anniversary, number of years at work. Some still look forward to achieving bigger things.

I have one question for everyone am reaching out to right now. July 16,2017 marks another half of the month. What can you actually say about your year so far? Describe it in a word. Better still, you can pick up a pen and paper and highlight your objectives, tick those ones you have achieved this year so far.

Are you still down with these questions?
Do you want to get married?
Do you think of landing that dream job?
Do you look up to this year to have your own child?
Do you think of achieving that milestone in your business?
Do you think you are not yet ready to take over the world?
Do you have that idea that could spring up to something wonderful?
Do you feel its your tear?

There are so many questions to ask. I will tailor it down to those ones above. The truth is, you can still achieve them all if you start now. Don't wait till tomorrow. Time keeps ticking, is never waiting for you. You will never have today again. Is dead and gone.

Take a bold step of faith. You have it in you. If you had tried and fallen, don't be discourage. Get up and come back stronger. You only failed if you quit. If only you know how close you were to victory, you would never give up. Theggreatesteenemyof man is ignorant, it makes you pay for what you have.

You have success in you. You are success. Find out here by clicking Success Clone is in You
You are like a vision to be seen, a voice to be heard and a dream to be achieved. The boyhood dream is still much more alive. Is never too late if you clear off the word doubt.

Have a blissful week ahead.
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