Saturday, 29 April 2017

4 Miserable Reasons of Remaining an Employee

Working for a living is good but when the living is based on working without creating, it becomes a serious problem. I will share some reasons why you should not be an employee all your life. Learn to rely on your ability and development.

As an employee, you earn salary after 30 days or less. One thing about salary is, it makes you look like a chicken. I know you are fuming at me. WelI, I will explain better for clearer understanding.  If you earn salary without investing or planning, these four things will always happen to you.

Number one
When you earn your salary, you eat chicken in the first week or ten days. You could eat it for years depending how large your salary is. You keep eating chicken.

Number two
When the salary is reducing, of course it will reduce since you are not making extra money just your salary is the only avenue for income;  you will start eating chicken products (egg). Since you can't live above your means forever, you will forcefully reduce your mode of lifestyle.

Number three
When the salary is almost drying up, you start eating chicken feeds (corn and millet). At this junction, you can not make ends meet again so you have to sought for the best economical lifestyle.

Number four
When the salary has dried up, you become the chicken itself looking for what to eat in the street, searching waste bin and incinerator; checking drainages.

Do you now agree it sucks being an employee without investing. Don't live your life without investing into something durable. You can invest in business, properties or human being. Human investment is the best investment to venture into. The moment you start earning salary, start preparing for the future you want to live because the future is right there at the corner.

I wish you all success in your endeavors.

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