Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Success is never inherited but created. Riches could be inherited but it is never success. Often times have seen people categorize riches as success. Anyway it all depends on your definition of success.
According to Cambridge dictionary; riches is defined as a large amount of money or valuable possessions. Hinkhoj dictionary (Hindi Dictionary) says is an abundance of material possessions and resources.

From the definition above, it is crystal clear that riches have got to do with affluence, possession of material things and abundant resources. Despite all these, having riches does not mean success. In fact, you can be rich and still not be successful. I will illustrate with some examples to buttress my point so you can have a clear picture of what am saying.
Success comes to you when you work harder while riches come as the end product of success. I know you are thinking within you that this writer is crazy. How the hell on earth will you say that riches do not mean success?
Relax a bit and take a cup of tea or coffee. Better still, you can take your time to ease the anxiety and nervousness before I unfold the rest of my view. Now let us reason together why I said riches do not really mean success; “an employee in MSC had target to get in a MSC and today he has achieved his ambition, he is successful man in his own reference. On the other hand, a rich man has the power of money and his ambition to be a political leader failed. Will you say is successful? A footballer earning maybe 150000 pounds weekly, that’s a huge sum of money that a writer may have to spend many months to make. Such footballer earning that figure is not successful if after his career, his name could not be remembered again or there is no medal to show for it after retirement.” There are lots of sportsman who earned huge sum of money but cannot say they had a successful career. There are many low income earners who after their careers, are remembered forever. They may not have lots of riches or possessions to show for it but I can say or we can say they had a successful life. If you agree with me, then you are getting my point and if you do not agree with me, you are entitled to your own opinion. Let us move ahead now and talk about success itself.
Extracted from "Success Clone is in You". To get an e-copy, visit www.e-junkie.com/femaleworld

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