Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Good Life or Befitting Burial

Pure as it came to me just this morning, BEFITTING BURIAL!!!!!

Don't be scared reading through this, don't think someone just passed to the great BEYOND. I was ministered to in the words, ruminating over it, I got more. Are you out there, always promising yourself you'll give your parents a BEFITTING BURIAL after their departure? It's at their burial most of your friends, associates, colleagues follow you down to your family compound to "give them last respect" as most of the deceased's children do say.

I saw something earlier this year, when a couple and an old man stood on a grave, appeasing the spirit of a parent to bless them, holding a fowl (with my eyes I saw it and not watched in a traditional film),,, I can't help but to think, how I wish that fowl was given to that parent to eat while alive.

Where is our sense of responsibility to our aged ones? Must we paint house and decorate the compound only when preparing for their burial? In which, doing that while they are alive might make them happy and live long. All those people that attended the burial, why don't they follow you to celebrate them and make them happy while they are alive?

All those encomiums you shower on them after death, why are they not before their death? Whatever you sow today is what you'll reap tomorrow. Remember children are natural mimicks. Whatever become of your aged parents is what they will plan for you as well. Remember through thick and thin, you were trained, you were not aborted, you were not sold into slavery.

Bringing you into this world is a great work on it's own. Would you have survived alone if you were abandoned at 3 months old??? Remember your days in diapers. Sleepless nights you caused them while growing teeth. When you must be happy at the expense of their sadness...

Dearest, the list is endless. Take care of your aged ones. Make them happy while they are with you. Remember some have money but no parents, while others have parents but no money. Or you trust in your salvation and neglect them? Tell me if it's not written in your Bible to honour your parents so you'll live long. Before dropping huge offering in churches and charity organizations, have you catered for your parents?

Before bringing their pictures here on mother's day or father's day. Think twice, are they happy with you? Are they not just giving you a fake smile anytime you are out with them. Give them a good life rather than a BEFITTING BURIAL.

Chinedu Ihekwoaba

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