Sunday, 2 April 2017


Many people have found it difficult to be positive in thinking due to failure or several challenges they have been through all their lives. They tend to see the problem rather than facing the reality. I once read about reproduction in college, I was shocked when I discovered that out of millions of sperm running to fertilize the egg in the woman. Only one could actually make it.

I heaved a sigh and said to myself, what about the other sperms? That made me understand that there will always be competition in everything you do. In fact if you are doing it alone, then the chances of succeeding is zero. Every success has a pathway.

If you must stay ahead in life, then you must be positive in your thoughts. Only with a positive mindset, you can sail through the storms of life. Positive thoughts brings lasting solution to any problem.

You have to stop being pathetic and face the reality. Nobody is interested in your tears but everyone is interested in your success story. Stay positive and do what you love doing. Remember that no matter what you are passing through, all you need is a positive mindset.

Start your week on a positive note and see things working for you. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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