Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Children are the Future

Every parent dream is to see their child(ren)  succeed in life. They want their children's success to be far greater than theirs. Often times I hear some prayers like, our end shall be your starting. However is not a bad ideology to wish our children the best.

We need more than prayer and that is our attitude towards them. A child's brain is like a recording machine, fill it with the right message. We need to give our children the most needed attention.

I see parents provide material things for their children but don't give them the necessary attention. Our presence is more important than the present we give to them. Little presence we have with them is incomparable to the most expensive presents we give to them.

You are a failure if you raise failures as children. We have been through the hurdles of life and I expect you to help them from making the same mistakes that cost you success. Parents who live separately are not giving their children the best in life. The joy of being together as one big family is priceless.

This children need us than our gift. A beggar sees his child as everything while the child sees him as the world. Even though he could not give her the world but she sees his presence as the world.

Word of wisdom, settle every leakages in your marriage and start giving your children the quality life they deserved.

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