Tuesday, 4 April 2017

When Can You Say You Have Succeeded?

When can one say he is successful?

What is the measure or value for success? I will start by saying doing what you love doing and being happy with it can be termed success.” To be a successful man, you must do what your heart and life suit; what utilizes the passion in you; and that which keep you going anytime, any day.

Let us look out for more definitions of success by other authors in the school of business.

i. Brock Mathew Stout (International School of Business) says “I am trying to find a definition of success for analyzing successful ventures. I can categorize by life span (using GEM criteria) orminnovativeness (such as ambitious versus replicate) or by scale. But I have no clear, objective measure for categorizing ventures as successful or not. Profit levels would favor certain industries and might not measure between currencies.

ii. Jamal F. Hosseini (Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch) says “increasing income, increasing employment and sustainability of employment can be a tool to measure success.”

iii. Guido Bortoluzzi (Universita degli Studi di Trieste) says “he would take into consideration to use profitability normalized for industry to measure success.”

iv. Ruth Maria Tappin (Capella University)says “definition of success could be in diverse ways depending on the size of the business, country, and its mission and purpose.”

v. “SMEs place emphasis on socio-cultural attributions such as family value, goals,and motivation to get into and stay in business (Toledo-Lopez et al (2010).”

vi. While Santos-Requejo and Gonzalez-Benito (2000) defined “success in terms of economic performance.” You can pick up their books if you are interested in learning more. Extracted from

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