Saturday, 6 May 2017

25 Years of Marriage, I Discovered He Had A Wife and Four Grown Up Children

Sam works in a telecommunication company I will not disclose the name. He is tall, fair and very handsome. I lost my father when i was twelve years and i could not further my studies. My mum sells food at the highway where we have so many customers that do come to eat. That was how I got to know Sam. He is a very cool guy. He eats every afternoon and sometimes in the evening. We supply their company with food sometimes whenever they have a meeting. Sam always stare at me whenever I come to their company with my mummy's apprentices.

One day he walked up to me and asked me why I didn't further my studies and I told him it was due to financial reason. He asked if I passed my WAEC exams which I said yes. He asked me to see him later in the day. Which left me guessing what he was up to.

We later met and he said he will sponsor my studies. I was excited but scared what he might demand in return. After few months I got admitted and he did sponsored as promised. He was very wonderful and supportive. My mum showed appreciation for his kind gesture. 

One day when we were on break, I went to visit him to tell him we are on break and he told me we need to talk. He said he wants to marry me. I was shocked and disappointed. But what would I do? He has been catering for my needs and I can not turn my back at him because of this. 

I asked if he was married but he said he was never married that he was jilted in his last relationship. I asked for the age and he said he is 45. I am just 20 years. How will I marry a man older than me? My mum told me to accept his proposal that age is just a number. After much persuasion from him, I gave in to him. 

He was the first man to deflower me. He only did introduction with my mum but no wedding. All through our staying together as couples, I didn't have a child. I became worried. He encouraged me most times not to worry myself. We were married for twenty five years but no kids. 

Sam eventually fell sick and died. I wept bitterly. I contacted his family because he was distance to them. I tried uniting him with them when he was alive but he told me they wanted to kill him and that's why he was distanced to them. Now he is dead, I have to consult his family. 

They all come at once and what shocked me most was they told me am not his wife. I was flabbergasted and asked them what they meant by that. They opened up that he had a wife and children in the States. They consulted the wife to come down to Nigeria. Few weeks later, they all arrived for the burial. The woman presented the marriage certificate. She told me that job brought him down to Nigeria but she refused to follow him. She said they were separated but not official. She asked if I can provide our wedding certificate but we only did introduction. She even said Sam purposely made his sperm watery because he wanted to stick to just four kids.

No wonder I never had kids for him. Sam did not allow me to work then. He was providing me with all what I want. I never had any establishment. I beat my chest and discovered how foolish I
had been all this while. I lost the case and was asked to pack. The children took over the properties and I went back to the street. My dear ladies, ensure you are legally married to any man not because of property sake but for the future embarassment. I was embarrased out of the house and called a gold digger.

Hope you will all learn from this story, Samantha.

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