Friday, 5 May 2017

After I Damaged My Womb To Satisfy Him, He Still Had Extra Marital Affairs.

I got married to Stephen in 2000. We met in Texas when I was doing my Master's degree program. He was wonderful and I felt like have seen the perfect person on earth. We had a smooth relationship and our marriage was like heaven on earth. We had three kids and decided to stop having kids.

There's a pill I always use whenever we make love. We abstain from sex anytime am ovulating. We don't want to have more kids anymore because of the economic meltdown. One this blessed day, I discovered I was pregnant and it was obvious Stephen slept with me during my ovulation period because he came home drunk that day. I told him and he wasn't happy about it. He said to me 'Emily, you must get rid of the pregnancy.' I refused but that started the problem in my home.

He threatened not to take care of the child that I will bear the responsibility myself since I refused to buy his own idea. I had to give in because I was scared our home could be destroyed through that.

I did the abortion and it didn't go well. My womb was damaged. Doctor said I can't have kids again. I wasn't really sad because it will save me from using pills whenever we want to make love. He was happy and we felt it was good. But on this bad day, all our three kids were having fun at the beach.

The first child, Collins got drown when we were all carried away with the fun at the beach. Effort to rescue him were abortive. We were left with two kids. I wept bitterly but Stephen consoled me.

A year after, we lost Sandra to sickness. She was terribly sick that we spent almost all we had. Just a kid left and I know my condition. I wept more. Tara our second child and the only one left, had an accident. Doctor tried to resuscitate her but she eventually died. We were down to no kids and I started feeling the past was punishing us.

Now I heard Stephen my husband has gone to impregnate another woman outside. I am left with two decisions, should I kill him or kill myself?

Who do you think is at fault?

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