Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Don't Stress, Let's Break Up

I seem to be running out of patience and understanding of my present relationship. Don't stress, let's break Up.

I have given it all and I have got absolute nothing in return. Don't stress, let's break up.

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Am tired of being rejected or feeling alone when I know am with someone. Don't stress, let's break up.

Physical assault has been rampant in my relationship so far. Emotional abuse and my morale is always low whenever am with my partner. Don't stress, let's break up.

He doesn't fight anymore to keep me,  why should I keep trying to hold on to it? My dear don't stress anymore, let's break up.

My life has been a mirage since we've been together. My goals are not worth achieving with him. He sees himself too important. Don't stress, let's break up.

He doesn't believe every woman has a pivot role in the society except in the kitchen. He only rates a good wife by chores. I feel unappreciated. Don't stress, let's break up.

He sees money as everything. He gives more time to his work and finds it difficult to have my time. He claimed he must earn a living to be relevant in the community. Don't stress, let's break up.

Our ideas are always conflicting and the future together is so blur. I feel complete without him. Why hang on sister. Don't stress, let's break up.

He doesn't care whether am good. He only believes am with him because of his money. He abuses me anyhow he feels. He's controlled by his temper. Don't stress, let's break up.

He doesn't find me attractive anymore and he's comfortable even when we don't talk for days. He feels too big to say am sorry and he claimed he's the head and wouldn't succumb to unnecessary demand for the relationship to grow. Don't stress, let's break up.

Is time to evaluate your relationship. You must know if you are making progress or else is time to find your way out before you get dumped.

Think about it and give me your own view.
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