Monday, 22 May 2017

She Is Every Man's Dream

Her face is innocent. She has that type of wonderful smile that could melt a hardened heart. Her white teeth shone as she put that charming smile.

Her palm was made tender to cure a worrisome body. She's the doctor of every circumstances and her way of handling critical issues is like that of King Solomon in the Bible. 

She inculcated olden moral natures and blended it with the modern age perception. She's the epitome of love. Ambassador of every virtuous woman. 

She makes the home perfect no wonder she was referred to as a wise woman. She makes sumptuous meal that the mouth can never reject. 

A woman of all weather. She's cybernetic in nature and her level of adaptability is a joy to behold. She eases of the pressure of her prince and destroys the anxiety of the future. 

She's hardworking and honest. She wouldn't mix any man's wealth with her husband's own. She's the rare type of lady. Many said her type has gone into extinction. 

Despite the distance in her relationship and even when people have tagged her to fail. 
She however overcame the jinx of distance and put asunder the venom of doubt. She surrounded herself with wise people and her home is the factory of wisdom. 

Her background is so perfect and her past is as clean as white. She doesn't lie not for the worse. She's just the only one in the world. She's second to none.  Her future is as sure as death. 

She was born in the month of May, a month of blessing. Her life is a blessing to her husband and her presence is a light to his path. She's the mother of the wonderful unborn kids. 

If you are fortunate to find or have one, please don't let her slip away because;

She Is Every Man's Dream.........

Shout to every virtuous women out there. 

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