Saturday, 13 May 2017

Golden Ideas That Could Keep Your Relationship From Crash

I see people give rules that this will keep your relationship or that will ensure stability in your relationship. One thing I strongly believe is that there are no certain rules that can keep relationship simply because human being differs from each other. You may take what I can not tolerate. Our reasoning, thinking and ideology are not the same.

What worked in your relationship might not be effective in my own relationship. However, there are basis on which everyone can build a relationship on and I believe it will work for all. It worked and still working for me in my relationship. Just like doctors, engineers, pharmacist, teachers, etc. all take their basis from elementary level of education; all relationship can also work with these golden ideas am about to highlight below.

Here are the golden ideas everyone must try to implement in relationship and I can bet it that it will work:

Idea 1:
If you are not sacrificial, you do not need a relationship. Sacrifices are what keep relationship strong and make it last longer. You will sacrifice your time, resources, convenience, privacy, sleep, friends and many more durable things to you. Try understand that when you are in a relationship, nothing should be placed above your relationship. Your relationship should be the first after God.

Idea 2:
Try to wash your dirty under-wears. When I say underwear, I mean your past. Ensure you know your partner very well before revealing your past because some pasts may destroy a relationship totally. You should be careful how you reveal your past because your partner might not be pleased with some or might even attack you with some in future. That is why I said try know your partner very well before saying those dirty pasts you had to him. Remember, human will always be human and we are the reflection of what we see and hear.

Idea 3:
Learn to surprise your partner. Be unpredictable when it comes to surprises. You can buy gifts or give a phone call sometimes when your partner does not expect it. You can send text messages also. It gladdens the heart reading messages from your love ones. Do not wait only for Christmas, birthday, Easter, etc.; before you surprise your partners. Surprise your partner when is least expected. It brings love in all relationship.

Idea 4:
Keep important dates of your partner in mind, it shows how much you cherished your partner. Do not rely on Facebook to be your reminder. This will facilitate the love in the relationship. Do not be too busy with work or studies and forget the important dates of your partner. That is why I said you must be sacrificial. Your partner must always be in your heart. The reason why your partner told you those important dates are because they expect you to reach out to them on those dates. Try if possible to be the best to reach out to your partner on those dates.

Idea 5:
Let your partner be your communication partner even when there is nothing to say. Once communication is broken, the relationship is dying if not dead. Communication is the key component of any solid relationship. Do not be fed up of communicating otherwise you are creating a loop hole in the relationship. If you are not a good speaker, try be a good listener. Communication will foster understanding in your relationship.

Idea 6:
Cut your coat according to your size. People try to impress their partner and therefore going extra miles to satisfy them. The truth is do not start what you can not continue. If you know you can not continue some good deeds in the relationship, better not to start it because when you stop, your partner will feel you do not love him/her anymore. Always consider your pocket first and let the future be in your heart as well. The time spent together now is lesser than the time to spend together if you eventually get married. So keep everything simple.

Idea 7:
Do not live your life to impress your partner. The only time to impress your partner is when you are still asking for her heart but once she has given it to you, try to be your real self. Remember it is a relationship and not an organization or banking hall where you impress your boss. You should only fulfill those good things you promised her then before giving in to you.

Idea 8:
Quit the ideology that your partner must know you for one habit and must accept it. You shape yourself in a relationship to fit in. Do not be dogmatic. If you love and cherish your partner, you should try to shape yourself to what will bring success to the relationship. Remember you must be sacrificial in any relationship. If you are the type that brags that people know you and accept you for this or that, then am sorry for your relationship.

Idea 9:
Ensure to fight your partner sometimes but must not last a day before reconciliation. Fight is what brings understanding and change in a relationship. No perfect relationship in life. Two people coming together to fight and reconcile without intervention from third party. When you do not fight each other, you might break up soon because both parties would have been dwelling on wrongs and keeping grudges. The outburst one day will be catastrophic.

Idea 10:
No room for third party in your relationship. Take your partner as the only truthful and correct judge every time. Do not believe a third party more than your partner. Remember this, when you have problem believing your partner, is better you quit. Trust is very important than money in relationship. Without trust, you will not go far.

I hope have taken away some burden from my readers. I wish you all a blissful relationship.  

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