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Issues Marriage Counselors Will Never Discuss With You...

Hi everyone out there, thanks for the support and contribution to my work. I am really grateful. Today, I bring to you a very funny but interesting issue. I was privileged to come across this issue and I decided to share it with everyone out there.

For so long, I have waited to hear this from many marriage counselors. I have attended many meetings and not for once have I ever heard of this before. I am bringing this to your notice now and I want you to answer this big question.

We've talked about love in the home or relationship and how we can maintain it. However, there's an issue burning my heart. Everyone farts right....  We all know sometimes it could be awful smell. To be sincere, I read about it that it could destroy a home or halt a romantic activity between the couples.

However some believe is lack of etiquette to do so in the midst of gathering. Some do not actually see it as a problem. I will show you what I gathered about this issue...

Read different views of people and give your own assessment....

Question: When Is It Ok To Fart In Front Of Your Partner?

Ugo: na wa o o, this kind post. Should you be asking if it is ok do such in front of your boyfriend?

Esther: It is totally embarrassing especially for the female folk. Either way, it is not good. You can excuse him or her and go outside to do the thing. Its disgusting and morally wrong to fart before people no matter how close you are.

Kola: you shld be asking if it is okay to fart at all. because there is nothing wrong with farting anywhere anytime. it is one of those things everybody does and we shldnt be afraid/ashamed of. its just that sometimes some peeps just assume that fine girls don't even fart let along go to toilet. although i wont fart in front of peeps oh . but i do infront of my wife

Sam: LMAOROTF. This is something you shouldnt be afraid of if you guyz have been together 4 a while sha. anyway, its no biggie when the white man made the toilet, he 4got to make a fart displacement room ha ha ha

Rose: It ok if it not directly in his mouth

Rachael: Go on fart provided they are just sound effects and not weapon of mass destruction.

Kay: Its no biggie, since every one farts.
Just that decency expects one not to do it in midst of people, partner or not

Eugene: @poster it is ok !
it shows u are not keeping secrets from ur partner.

Chris: Farting is natural phenomenum which every individual do if i may say.
But the place & where u do it really matters, dou it sometime comes involuntarly
Now to the question of "is it proper to fart in front of ur partner?"
My mother used to say to me "If any girl has never fart in front of her boyfriend b4 then, she is still hidding some cockroaches in her cupboard

ufobabe: @poster it is ok!
it shows u are not keeping secrets from your partner.
who says? Learn some ettiquete. It is bad manners, it doesnt matter if its your bf or husband.
What next? It will be ok to belch infront of him and maintain a sloppy appearance as proof that you are not keeping any secrets from your bf?

Is it okay to fart in front of your partner?
No it's not okay to fart in front of your partner.

and what makes you feel it not OK, remember it's natural

who says? Learn some ettiquete. It is bad manners, it doesnt matter if its your boyfriend or husband.
What next? It will be ok to belch infront of him and maintain a sloppy appearance as proof that you are not keeping any secrets from your boyfriend?
a guy said so. that he is suspecting his babe that since they started dating his babe had never fart in his presence. that his grandfather told him so.

I think it is perfectly fine, i mean he farts too so whats the big deal, first time my guy farted in front of me, he was embarassed, it was so funny and i was like i am fine with it every one farts so wats the big deal.

na sign of good living, LMAO

If ur boyfrd doesnt know how ur fart smells or u havnt fart in ur boyfrd presence then u have something u are hiding from him lol

Its ok oh, My Boyfriend is an expert, always farting. I was shy before but now i feel free to pursue a natural instinct. If you think farting is bad, dont fart for three months and see what will become of your stomach, my sister, feel free fart away

With my babe, i only gives slight complain if the thing dey smell like soak-away wey den they evacuate

The thing is, its not Ok when its on purpose, but very ok when its an accidental discharge
or while asleep

If farting in front of significant others demonstrates the desire not to keep any secrets from them, why stop at farting? Women should share their used tampons with their husbands and husbands should invite their wives into the bathroom after they've just deposit a stinky, steamy pile of feces in the toilet. It is not a matter of "should you" do these things, but WHY would you? Out of good manners one should refrain from doing these things. This isn't hiding a secret but of reflecting self-respect for both you and the wife.

We should understand that there are farting"accidents"understandable so;situations where without warning a canon sounds or a deadly and super silent"gas leak"capable of causing maximum disorder around the perpetrator.I believe,no matter who and who is involved and no matter how close that it is totally irresponsible to fart deliberately in front of anyone.
Tips for better fart management:avoid altogether food that cause crazy gas build-up in your system.
Use the toilet early every morning.
Don't forget to thank me later.

It is a natural body function sometimes you are not able to run to a private space and fart, IF YOU CAN FART AND UR MAN LAUGH, THAT A GOOD THING,

Is this really a big deal? everybody does it. No point holding it in for a couresy period.
If you gotta let i out let it out kini big deal

i fart all the time in front of my boyfriend, sometimes we have a farting competition, the smellier and quieter the beta
really some pips r so uptight , they need to loosen up

What's your own view???

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