Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Blessed moment to my readers out there. Surely you will be inspired and motivated after reading this piece.

Often times have tried to be like so many celebrities I admired like Jay-z, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Dr. Travis Bradberry, Mrs Tiffany Ann Beverlin, Oral Roberts, Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo and lots more. 

I will follow them up on twitter, instagram, facebook and other social media applications; and try to act like them. I wanted so many careers based on them. I believe I could be like them. Sometimes, I changed my name to anyone of them. I even dress like them and try to mimicked them but I was actually sounding pathetic and needed help all my life. 

I feel so low at a point because I discovered I would never be like them. I later discovered the truth about this is trying to be the best I can for myself. One day, I learned from the great Pele of Brazil who said he envied the modern day footballers.  Even these celebrities wants to be like someone else. The fact still remains that you must be yourself no matter what. 

If you compare yourself with anyone else, you may never live a happy life. Everyone was created for a purpose. You are suited for your own style. I will flop million times if I insist I want to be like another person. If I don't flop, I may not rise or live up to my potentials. 

Everyone else is taken so I have to do myself a favor by being myself. I am writing to you this moment to maintain your style. Set your own standard and rule your own world. You are created to be just yourself alone and nobody else. Never let anybody make you feel you are never important. 

You shape yourself to be come whatsoever you want to be. Celebrate the blessed people and learn from them. Compete with them but make sure is healthy competition. You are the next person to be celebrated. 

Thank you..................................................................................................

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