Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Organizational Environment is a Deterministic Factor of Reaching Set Goals

Human beings are the most difficult component to work with. Their minds differ likewise their dreams. This makes it difficult sometimes to maintain a peaceful cohabitation. When human beings can not attain some set personal goals, it becomes a chaos within themselves hence raising conflicts in the organization.
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Every employer must take cognizance of his organization environment. Research made it clear that employees work well in a serene environment. However, organization environment is ambiguous and will likely want to talk about two or more points to buttress my point further.

Organization environment in terms of the appearance. The beauty and the conducive nature within the working place brings joy which definitely boost the morale of the workers. Workers tend to be more productive in an environment that is convenient. It makes them feel comfortable and that aids their inner man. Research made on human reveals that when the inner man is at rest, he will be productive which will make attaining the goals of the organization reachable.

Organization environment in terms of dealing with workers. Employer must know he must create an environment where everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. Everyone must not be buoyed with the feeling of being sacked as that will disrupt the harmony and commitment to work. Everyone will be on their toes when they know they will be fired at any moment. Create an environment where your workers see the office as home away from home.

Organization environment in terms of competition. Let there be healthy competition within the organization. It push workers to do more and that will aid the productivity of the organization. Reward the winner of any competition and acknowledge the effort of the losers. Let them know they all try and that everybody is a winner. It will not destroy the team work in the organization.

Organization environment in terms of information. Ensure your organization environment is not porous. Before decisions are made, is already out in the air.  Definitely, it will set your organization backward. Dissemination of information should be from the proper channels. Grapevine and Rumors should strictly be dealt with even though it is difficult.

I hope everyone reading this has learned one or two things from this piece. Feel free to mail me on chinedu_ihe@yahoo.com. Thanks for all your feedback so far.

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