Friday, 26 May 2017

Science Finally Invent Artificial Womb

Scientists once again have proved they are capable of doing the unimaginable. I know many research must have been going behind the scene if this is possible. Then what you are seeing has actually caught my attention too and decided to show the world where science and technology is taking us to.
One thing which we humans always lack is patience, which means we’re in an eternal hurry of getting things done as soon as possible. The next virtue we share is the indefinite desire for staying in one’s own comfort zone. The magnificent growth seen in machine learning is sufficient to fathom the ambitions of the human race and the zeal to stop at nothing. With the same spirit, it looks as if the scientists have finally overstepped and tried to orchestrate the way nature works as per their convenience.

Without testing your patience any further, say hello to the artificial womb. Now, scientists have finally been able to give birth to lambs from a machine. Yes, it’s totally A-ok to presume that one day not so far in future, new machinery will be capable of giving birth to human beings like you and me. Sounds intriguing then, why wait?


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