Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Should I Give It to Him?

Hi everyone!

Hope you are good wherever you are reading this post.
I want us to deliberate together on this particular issue. Please I need your candid opinion on this issue.

I have been in a relationship with a guy for a year now. He stays far away from me. He lives in another state. Its a distance relationship and we are really coping. Few months ago, I got a job in the state he is staying and I couldn't afford the money to rent an apartment over there for now.

I decided to stay with him because he suggested it. Moreover, he was the one that advised me to apply for job believing that if I am chosen, I can stay at his place till I get my own place. so I moved into his apartment after I got the appointment.

Initially when I moved in with him, he was very nice, accommodating, and he was all I wanted in a man because we've never been this close since we have been dating. But after some time, he started to change because I refused his sexual advances.

I have been staying with him for almost 4 months now but he has never seen my bra straps. I don't know what to do because this is a man that I really do love a lot and for him not finding me attractive anymore is killing me.

I am considering giving it to him so that he can love me again. Please, kindly advice me on how to go about this. I am already seeking a comfortable apartment but the prices are too high for me, I can't afford it yet and I don't know anyone else over here.

Please, help me out on my decision whether to give him the sex he wants or stand firm that no sex before marriage....


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