Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Should I Quit the Marriage and Leave My Kids?

I am thinking of leaving my Hubby.

I started dating him when he had nothing despite the fact that I ignored all what my parents were telling me. I managed with him and even took in for him outside wedlock. I gave birth and we did marriage after the first child.

After one month of marriage, problem started over an issue that I do not go to greet his family, that was his problem and nothing more. I kept praying to God. I never for once blackmailed him nor speak anything wrong about his name to any one. Only for him to blackmailed my name to his family and friends.

Later he started beating me, bringing girls that he his dating to our matrimonial home and even spend time with the girls, telling the girls that we are no longer married. Despite the fact that I am pregnant for him with the second child on the way.

He does not put my picture on any of his social media pages, he treats me so bad that I cry every night. I logged in my Facebook page and saw his Facebook. He used my phone to logged in his Facebook account and forgot to log out. When I read the messages of what he said about me I cried bitterly.

I want to leave the marriage and move on with my life but what about my kids. In Nigeria, a man owns the children.

Advise me on what to do because I don't want to leave my children and I can't stay with the man anymore.....

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