Monday, 29 May 2017

Signs You Should Know That You May Likely Be Sacked Soon

Thorough research revealed you're wasting your talents on your current job. Nobody should tell you the truth about this after reading through this write-up extracted from Liz Ryan (Author of the Roadmap to Success)

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Here are ten signs your current job is wasting your talents:

1. You have accomplishments at work and you are proud of them, but no one else cares about them.
2. The people who evaluate your performance only ask you “How much money did you make today?” or “How much money did you save?” Nothing else matters to them.
3. You once had creative challenges at work, but no longer! Now it’s the same old, same old, every day.
4. Your leadership leadership hates to spend money, and will not invest in your development or the development of new ideas or practices.
5. You haven’t learned anything in a year. You would update your resume right now, but you haven’t done anything new!
6. You are never recognized for your hard work and achievements.
7. You are not paid fairly for your contributions.
8. You are disrespected or treated badly at work.
9. You do not see any trends at work to suggest that things will improve.
10. You hate to get out of bed to go to work. Your body is rebelling!

A change is needed. Do not wait till you are given the marching order.
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