Monday, 29 May 2017

Sometimes the Best Methods Fail

Sometimes I sound like a pastor but the fact remains am not one for now.  Maybe later in my life as the Lord wishes. I may not talk about marriage or relationship in this write-up but I can assure you that what you will learn will surely help you in your home or relationship.

Whatever that is frustrating your life shows you lack the knowledge in that field. That's the simple truth. My lecturer do say "if you know better, you will do better." Pastor Dr. Ojesanmi said "the level you know God shows your possible attainment in life." Sometimes we tend to pray when all we need is to apply that little wisdom. If God is a God of wisdom, how will a foolish man succeed.

However, wisdom doesn't come so easily in life. Wisdom attained in a particular field of education is applicable to the field alone. A doctor can not apply his medical wisdom to electrical field, else it will be catastrophic. It takes to know God before you can get all around wisdom. Wisdom from God has no limitation.

Imagine if you give a child in Basic One the work of a Basic two, he will not be able to do it till a greater wisdom puts him through. Same way you need a greater knowledge to lead you. No challenge is greater than the knowledge of God.

How do we actually attain this wisdom?


Wisdom can be attained through study. Studying is life, get knowledge in all. When a man stops learning, he declines or dies. If knowledge is too expensive, then try ignorance.


After studying, you need to act the word. Is what you study that you apply. No man climbs a mountain by looking at it. Actions put your knowledge to reality. If you can do it, you have to show us by your actions. We are all endowed but how do we know when you did not act on it.


The best methods fail when grace is not there. You need to commit your ways or plans into the hands of God. The God you don't know in the day will not answer you in the night except grace speaks for you. Till you understand you are not sufficient on your own, you will keep having deficiency.

Reference Instructions:

At the point of death, every man is intelligent. Never neglect wisdom from God. When you apply it, you are bound to succeed every time. God is superior in purpose and accomplishment. God will not give you what will not glorify him. No matter how stupid an instruction is, give it a trial.  That breakthrough you need may be that foolish instruction.

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