Monday, 8 May 2017

What Could Be The Worst Thing A Woman Can Ever Do To Make A Man Hit Her?

Today we talk about physical assault in marriages/homes.

I made research on many broken homes trying to find out why most marriages turned sour. Could it be those vows made at the altar were mere norms? I see couples who can not bare to lose each other during their courtship years now turned to the worst enemy in their matrimonial homes. Most times husband sleep outside just because he had a misunderstanding with the wife. Have seen wives refused to cook for the husband because they had one issue or the other. 

This has been tearing me apart as the rate of divorce is alarming. There must be a resolution to this issue of broken home that has become tradition in the modern world. Divorce should not always be the resolution to every marital conflict. Now this made me come up with a big question to ask the audience about one vital topic that must be answered. 

I once saw a wife who got the husband crazy and the husband hit her face brutally. When I asked him why? He said it was necessary to do that. Another scenario was a man who beat up the wife because she came home late and he felt she had been cheating. A British man hit the wife because she damaged his expensive watch. Another worst scene I witnessed was a man that beat the wife because she refused him sex. What about a man that the husband battered because they were exchanging words and the husband could not bear it any longer but to hit the poor woman face.

There are numerous or countless of scenarios within us and on the internet if we start to research on this, but lets mirror it down to the few ones have mentioned. Women tend to provoke at times but a responsible man should know how to handle his woman no matter what. Every man gave reason for his action and some felt justified with it. That left me wondering and I need an answer to this one million question, "What Could be the Worst Thing a Woman can do to Make a Man Hit Her?" 

Maybe professionals like Tiffany Ann Beverlin (Author and CEO of My Dream Recycled, you can get a copy on; can help me answer this question.

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