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65 Facts About Your Woman

Have you heard about that one man who thoroughly understands women? I'm sure you haven't. How will you, when such a person does not exist! The widest book in history is understanding a woman. Don’t you think that I’m calling all the men dumb! The reason for them not to understand a woman is very simple because women are larger than life to be understood that simply (all women out there, please don't get offended, I literally don't mean anything wrong). You’ll have to put efforts, learn things, and will have to fail thousands of time before you could learn 0.001% about them. Well, you might say I’m exaggerating, but that’s the truth, my friend. However, we’ve learned some secrets about women, and they’re something which every man should know. Let’s have a look!

1. Women try to hint at what they want from men, they don’t like to say it.
2. Women love to be surprised especially during important occasions. Yes men might buy her some gifts but that doesn’t mean she just loves the material things that come with the relationship. It just means you remember her.
3. Women like it when guys ask advice from them. This action just shows that you trust her, and that she’s someone you can count on to. She loves to talk and by asking her, she’d feel that her opinion matters to you.
4. Be protective, but not too much. She likes it when you care for her, but not to the point of choking her at times.
5. If a woman really wants to be with a man, she’ll make sure it happens.
6. Women want to feel that your proud of having them. They may not tell you but sometimes they want you to show them off to your family and friends.
7. Knowing her likes and dislikes is cool for her. This means that you are that interested to get to know her better and to make ways to make her happy.
8. Say something sweet, she likes it. This is one of the best things that you guys should always remember doing, as often as you could especially when she’s not in the mood. A little appreciation about how good she is looking in your date and when she smells great is something that would put a smile on her face even just for a while and would soon ease the tensions within her.
9. If you call a girl “Hot” it doesn’t mean anything. Call her sweet and beutiful and lovely. That’s the right way to woo a woman.
10. If a man remembers something important for a woman that she said once in a conversation, and you bring it up later, it make women feel special. It means that you are truly listening to her. Women are big in conversation.

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11. She doesn’t expect you to read her mind; she wants you to ask her. I wonder how difficult it is to just simply ask.
12. If a guy knows a girl isn’t over her ex-boyfriend, don’t call her out on it, show her how much better you are.
13. Women love to be stared at sometimes. Looking straight in her eyes tells something, this melts her heart especially when she is attracted to you.
14. Women love to be spoiled. They sometimes have this childish part of them that really comes out especially when they want something really badly.
15. If a woman’s heart has been shattered, she’ll be hesitant to talk about her problems to a her man at first.
16. When a girl is being serious, listen to her.
17. Treat your girl woman, or someone else will.
18. Women love it when the man doesn’t take long to reply and keep the conversation going.
19. Walk her home after a date, she wants to feel safe. Even if girls do not say it, they want to be walked safely to their homes. Doing this as a gentleman would be a very big thing, especially for girls who just observing you if you can really take care of them.
20. Make time for her. The time that you give her is very important for her, and as much as possible any disturbances should not be an option for you or else she will feel taken for granted.
21. Try to be interested with her interests. Women would really appreciate a man who makes an effort to blend-in with her hobbies. And remember she does it with you, you just don’t know.
22. Making girls feel exceptional would make them feel good about themselves as and will take away some of their insecurities as well.
23. Girls don’t like to like guys that aren’t over their ex-girlfriends. It means that, you are just having her as a rebound. Make sure you are over from your past relationship before dating. You don’t want to carry all those baggage around.
24. Never compare her to other women, even your own mom. She is her, and every girl is unique. Comparing is always a NO.
25. Girls don’t like to talk about ex’s. Past is past. Talking about it is exhausting. Wait until she opens it up to you by herself and don’t push the conversation.
26. When a girl doesn’t feel good, she doesn’t talk much. Don’t push her buttons into talking, you will just fight. Sometimes it is important to give her lone time.
27. Girls are way too forgiving. Don’t take advantage of it.
28. Don’t make her say something repeatedly. This manner would really pick something on girls, and if you keep on asking her about something for the 3rd and 4th time, it just shows and means that you are not interested and not listening carefully to what she is talking about.
29. A good way to make a woman mad is not trust her when she’s being honest.
30. Girls hate it when guys ignore them.
31. Don’t break her trust.·If a girl tells you a secret, don’t ever let it go.
32. Women are sometimes drama queens, but you are not allowed to call her that. It would make the whole situation worst, just go with the flow and be the man she needs for the moment.
33. Girls like to be called beautiful all the time. Complimenting how she looks is a big deal for her, telling her how beautiful she is more than enough.
34. Girls love it when guys say they love something about them, like their smile.
35. If a girl thinks you’ll judge her for something, she’ll never open up to you fully.
36. If a girl wants to meet a guys family, let them. It means they care. If you have family problems though, just tell it her to straight, instead of giving excuses. She will understand.
37. When a girl will ditch her friends to hang out with a guy, its a big deal. So make the time count. But don’t do so often. You don’t want her to choose from friends or you all the time, don’t you?
38. If a girl is mad at her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to say anything about it, she just wishes he’d know.
39. Girls hesitate to fall in love because they always assume they’ll get hurt.·Prove·to your girl you won’t hurt her.
40. Girls feel flattered if a guy would greet him first in their special occasions (e.g. monthsaries, anniversaries, etc.) because a guy tend to be forgetful.

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41. If a girl tells a guy she was talking about him with her friends, its always about something good.
42. Changing for the better will let her stick with you. It simply means that you want to grow with her inside the relationship you are building.
43. Sharing your future family plans is important to her.This is your chance to show her how serious you are, especially when you are ready to have a family with her.
44. Girls look at the other girls that their boyfriend is with as their enemy. Like a tigress, that’s what she is.
45. Girls feel insecure with their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.
46. If you break a girls heart, she’ll never be the same.
47. If a girl really loves you, she won’t be able to see anything bad about you.
48. Girls don’t always know what they want.
49. If a girl admits that she misses a guy, she really does. Don’t take this too lightly
50. Sometimes, girls test guys to see how they’ll react.
51. If a girl is still in love with someone else, they will never say anything bad about them.
52. Girls are more observant than guys think.
53. Girls think too much.
54. When girls say nothing is wrong, shes lying. Everything is wrong. This is irony, I know.
55. When girls say NO, it only means keep trying. Girls are inconsistent, especially when deciding for their guy’s interests.
56. Girls remember little things the most.
57. When girls hold their boyfriends tight, they never want to let that moment go.
58. If a girl says your important to her, its true.
59. If a girl laughs at a guys every joke, she likes him.
60. When a girl asks a guy what their thinking, they really do care.
61. Girls never touch guys by accident.
62. Girls are good detectives. Some just does not open it up with their boyfriend.
63. If a girl wants you to be with her, you’ll know it.
64. Girls can flirt with every guy around, but at the end of the day, she’ll be watching the sun set with the one she truly loves.
65. If a girl really cares about a guy, you can see it in her eyes.

Here are sixty five facts about your woman. Hope this will definitely facilitate your relationship or marriage the more. It was carried out, tested and trusted. Why not give it a trial.

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