Friday, 30 June 2017

Back To The Basis

Sometimes life drives you naught and you don't seem to understand what to do. Sometimes you feel cheated by life and seem not to get what you deserve. What about when you felt you have given your best and what you still get is the rest rather than the best. You keeping hoping for that breakthrough and it seems like your hope is being dashed. Life keeps remaining unfair and unjust....

If you are always feeling low or judging yourself with what you see, I have come to urge you to do one good thing for yourself and that is getting back to the basis. The basis I mean here is finding true happiness within yourself. Till you find happiness in you, life will always be unfair. Nobody has it all. The man you envied also wished he has something you possess that he doesn't have.

Being embittered will only battered you the more. You have to start seeing something good about yourself. You are wonderfully made. Life is always like that but you have to focus on your own source of happiness. I have what you don't have and you have what I don't have also. One thing separated us and that is, I appreciated what I have and forget what I lack.

Till you stop going naught over your deficiency, your joy will never be full. Imagine children and their mentality, they tend to go about their own world themselves. They cherish and see their parents as the best in the world even when the parents might be thinking life is unfair. Try be like them. Embrace positivity because that's what can keep you going. The truth remains nothing changes by being bitter. You have to make it happen by first deriving joy in yourself.

Then seek pleasure in your profession or skills and put in the needed hard work. Learn to pray to God and sow the seed of happiness in people around you. Remember life gives back what you give sooner or later. The best way to remain happy is by sowing seeds of happiness and giving helping hands. One day, it returns to you like the law of karma.

Get back to your basis and discover your happiness. Your basis starts from that childish moment when everything about life was meaningless to you. Yes I mean meaningless because life is all vanity. Those things we desire do not still guarantee happiness. Truehhappinessccomesffromthe basis and that's why you have to get back to it.

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