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Fighting The Ages War That Can Never Be Averted

He that dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say the Lord is my refuge and shield, of whom shall I be afraid of? Psalm 91:1-end(Read further on your own)

Everyone has got a war to fight since the beginning of creation. Living in this world is not bread and butter. Let me shock you, life is full of problems. If your thinking is coming to the world and live in it peacefully, you had better stop dreaming. Only the dead is free from worries.

This is not to scare you away but to tell you to be vigilant and stay alert always. The devil is a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, may you not be a victim. Amen

Now straight to message of the day. Ages war are generational wars that has been implemented and stamped on a particular lineage. Everyone has got his war to fight like I said earlier. Ages war could be poverty, yes poverty stricken family that might have been from generation to generation. Such family may never be free from poverty if nothing is done. They might even be working like elephants and eating like ants. No result to show for the labor. The spend their entire life in penury. They hardly had enough to eat. Nothing to show for their donkey years of labor and life spent.

Ages war could be sickness. Generational sickness that will keep claiming lives in that family. It passes on from one generation to another. It becomes hereditary problem in the family. If care is not taking, it could wipe off an entire generation. No member of the family can boast of sound health. They already have an assigned pills or medical practitioners they use. They are already registered for the particular ailment. The future of the unborn children can be saved now if you are ready to pray your way out.

Late marriage, divorce, unmarried are also one of the Ages War to fight. In some family this is common and everyone sees it as normal. At 35 years, you are still single. Proposal is not coming at all. Even the one married are married for just six months, the rest is a story. Some are unmarried at all. No one ever propose to you. The truth is when you start seeing every calamity as something normal, you have been caught up in the web. You need to seek for help and liberate yourself from ages war. Many have accepted fate about it. Nooo! The earlier you start fighting with prayers, the closer you are to your victory.

Ages war is also in form of premature death. Members of family dying prematurely and nothing is being done. The highest age in the family is 45 years, everyone has die off. Nobody is seeing anything wrong about that in the family. Different incidents keep claiming lives prematurely in such family. Today you shall be liberated. Say to yourself that my victory is today. Nothing shall stop me in the name of Jesus. Amen

Ages problem like I said is peculiar to a family. It has been like that from generation. If you carefully follow the trend, you will see it is indeed an aging war. Some people are not even aware of it at all. They keep falling victim to this aging war. The craziest thing in life is suffering and smiling. Do not manage any tough situation. Why cry on it when you can cry to God. Anything God can't do, nobody can do. Stand upright and get ready to fight your own war. The more you run away from it, you will always catch up with it later. You can not run away from it but you can destroy it.

Once you have known yours, I congratulate you. All you need is to pray your way out. You can only pray it out if you are in line with God. If you are still in sin or perhaps you have fallen back from the way, there is still a way out. Help yourself and come back to God. He's ready to accept you anytime. You must promise never to go back.

The less knowledge you have, the less breakthrough you are likely to have. You are to broaden your knowledge with the word of God. That is your Bible. Get a Bible, study it regularly and the Lord will keep ministering to you.

Father I thank you for the life of this reader, I pray by the auction of the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross to break every bondage and end every aging war in the life of the reader. Because your word said though there may be troubles in the world, but you have overcome the world for us. We believe the word and claim it upon every aging war. You said come unto me all yee that labor and heavy laden. You shall give rest. Father we claim the rest and decree victory in our lives. Sanctify us by your words, for your words are true. Forever o Lord, your word is settle in heaven. Settle our case and put an end to every generational woes and misfortune. I decree turn around from heaven upon your life. No more poverty, death, sickness, divorce, catastrophic condition in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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God bless

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