Thursday, 8 June 2017

Unfruitful Labor

Hi readers out there!
What a great moment to be with you in spirit and flesh again. I have come with the words of God which I know will do you lots of goodies. God's word is life. Someone will be touched and restored completely by the mighty hand of God. (Amen)

Before we commence with the teaching of the day, I recommend this worship song for you all reading it so as to stay connected in the spirit as you read. We all know God is a spirit and he who must worship must do so in spirit and truth.

Welcome back to the word for the day. I hope you are connected now after those powerful songs from our father in the Lord, Pastor Dr. Daniel Olukoya. We proceed without much stress as we unfold what the Lord have for you and I.

God commanded us in his word to be diligent. In fact it was said in the Bible that "seest thou a man diligent in his work, he shall not sit with mere man but with kings." The Bible made it clear that no food for lazy man. Which means, the scripture support working hard.

However, not all work brings product. No all that are working are satisfied. In fact the diligent ones are even begging for bread. I woke up this morning from bed as early as 3:10a.m and the word "Unfruitful Labor" dropped into my head. God confirmed it by giving it to me through the scripture of the day in Gal 2:1-end.

Paul was talking about reaching agreement with the Jews being a Gentile. He said so that he's effort will not be a waste. There are many people whose effort has been wasted. Time spent and materials all wasted. Little or no result to show for it but God will destroy those termites eating your result. (Amen).

However, once a problem is detected; it is half solved. I will show you what has been responsible for your mishap in life. As you read them, wherever you belong to; kindly pray your way out and adjust totally.

Reason for Unfruitful Labor:

Sin destroy a man totally. It reduces a man to nothing, Lucifer is an example. Sin can make a king to be a slave or even disgrace him, Nebuchadnezzar another example. God said if you repent from your sin, I will heal your land. Which means you can not plant on a futile land and expect great product or output. Sin is like a weight hung on a person's neck. He will not go far no matter the strength or potential. He will get weak and die off. Why not mend your ways and seek God. His steadfast love extends to heaven. God has no favorite. If you do his will, you are his favorite.

Anger is a small madness. Do nothing when you are angry because what you will destroy will be more than what causes the anger. Anger can make a man destroy hundred years of labor. Moses a great servant of God is a typical example. He did great signs and wonders through the help of God. Just that anger deprived him of getting to the promise land. So many destiny have been in mirage due to anger. Many relationships have been ended suddenly and many marriages have been destroyed by anger. Anger has nothing to offer you than to reduce you and make you frustrated. Of what good is it for a man to destroy what he has labored for? Learn to control your emotions.

Fornication/Adultery. Five minutes fun could put you in a fifty years bondage. Take fifty years from a child's age, what does he have left? Absolutely nothing left. David committed adultery with Bathsheba and we all know the story. He received a generational curse. Many lives and destiny has been ruined. Fornication has destroyed relationships that could have led to marriage. Adultery has ended many marriages, placing the children future in doubt. Why not be disciplined. What does sex offer you that you desire so much? For the fornicators, has sleeping with that guy led you to altar? Get wisdom and understanding. Stop being a fool. You must be a man of integrity. Sex isn't a tool to tie a man. If he's meant for you, he will surely stay. However, you can pray to God for power to overcome temptation.

Disobedience is another major factor. When you fail to hear God's instruction, you will keep wandering about like a headless chicken. The foolishness of God is greater than the wisest counsel of man. I remember a scenario I passed through. I got engaged to my beautiful partner after many confirmation from different people of God. Few months after, she discovered she is AS genotype. The last time I did mine in school during registration, I was given AS genotype too. We all know the implication medically. All my life, have avoided many ladies because of this mayhem. I don't want to have sickle cell children. We both were left dumbfounded. The parents disagreed and I myself was shaking. We both heard from God and was sure before we started. Thank God for my pastor that encouraged us never to go back. We believed and continued the relationship trusting God for healthy children. God surprised me when I actually went for another blood test, I was confirmed AA. I did it thrice from different laboratory and behold I am AA. Then I looked up and down, I concluded that nothing can be compared to total obedience to the word of God. That struggle you have put yourself into just need one thing, total obedience. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Seeking God daily. You are not the creator of your soul, you can not design your tomorrow. You can only work towards it. Seek God through the scripture. I can assure you,, it works hundred percent. This book of the law shall not depart from my mouth. Thou shall meditate there in day and night. The scripture is like a manual to your soul. Rely on the one that knows your beginning and end. Put your confidence in him. Seek him daily through fasting and prayers. Remember, these things can never happen except by fasting and prayer. Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you will find.

Not helping the poor and needy is also wasting effort. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. Also remember the servant that failed to show mercy after receiving mercy from the king. We all received mercy from God. Let's endeavor to show mercy to mankind. We do it unto God and not man. He rewards us for every deed. So what deed do you have in your hand? Little help or mercy count before God. When you molest the poor, you molest the maker and you could face the wrath.

Tithe paying is very essential for making exploit. You fail to pay tithe, keep expecting termites and locust in your finances. God demands ten percent from hundred percent. It belongs to God. Don't struggle with him. Just release it even when is not easy. Serving God is never easy. Nothing is easy in life even death. So if you keep waiting till things get easy, you might wait forever. May God help us all. Amen

Prayer: Father we thank you for your words are through, sanctify every soul and bless the heart of every readers. Millions of people reading this, I pray you will experience great exploit. God in his mercy, will forgive your sins and cleanse you. Every loophole in you, shall be blocked and your effort shall be fruitful henceforth. Go and prosper in all your endeavors. Every broken marriages is restored in Jesus name. Every broken relationship is repaired or replaced in Jesus name. Amen.

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