Thursday, 1 June 2017

Why I Always Cheat On My Partner

This write-up was designed to teach whether singles or married. Empirical analysis and detailed information was recorded to make it a success. I had the privilege of working with a political scientist and an experienced woman in the field of Arts and Humanities.

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This has been burning my heart for a very long time. I wonder why I always cheat despite having a very faithful partner. She gave me everything even when is difficult for her. She sacrificed it all but I still find myself cheating on her.

If you are in the same shoes with me, I can probably show you the reason(s) why we always cheat.
1. I expected much from her and when she finally agreed to my proposal, I discovered is not worth the stress.

2. I thought marriage would give me everything I want, I never knew every successful marriage was handiwork of two people with differences.

3. I find my partner less interesting and I have no clue how to bring out the best in her.

4. I desire perfection in her ignoring she's human. She gets tired and do have mood swing sometimes but I want her happy always. I decided to start cheating on her.

5. I have no understanding what being in a relationship is. It is like a battlefield and I wasn't prepared well enough. I decided to find the easiest way out by cheating.

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Political Scientist, Mercy Buzz (Not her real name) had her own view towards the menace of cheating.

She started by first acknowledging the rigorous chores women do at home. She spoke with the inspirational and motivational writer and speaker 'Chinedu Ihekwoaba' about the life of a housewife.

Mercy Buzz: "A wife and husband goes to work and comes back, the wife cooks, care for the kids, and still the man wants to make love to the tired woman at night."

She continued;

"The truth is; a woman is meant to take of her man more than a man takes care of her. There are times she wouldn't be in the mood, but she always try and give herself whole each time she does.

Mercy Buzz hinted on why I cheat on my partner. "Its either lack of self-control or lust, unfulfillment.
You know I am married but am attracted to this handsome coworker. He makes me smile, laugh, feel loved and wanted. It is not as though I don't love my husband and I know he loves me and wants to make me happy, but am just drawn to this other person. Mind you I didn't tell my husband, and won't tell him cos he will get jealous and feel insecure. Selfishly, I enjoy this new attention and won't shun it.

Secondly, my husband doesn't pay attention to me, and hasn't touched me in a while, right now am in need of a man, his touch.

Thirdly, I have high libido, and he's short span, and can't stay long and therefore leaves me unsatisfied.

Fourth, he disregards, beats, and insults me and I find solace in another."

The motivational writer asked Mercy Buzz if it is good for a wife to turn down the husband due to mood swings.
Mercy Buzz: Its not good, sometimes, I put him first and command my body to respond and satisfy him and I myself enjoys it. Sex is an integral part marriage.

Motivational writer and speaker said: "Am scared of one thing in marriage. I get tired of my wife and along the line our sex life is not really freaking me again. Just like you get tired of eating rice always."
Mercy Buzz: "The question is have you been regularly making love just in bed, or one position, one old routine? Common, spice up your love life and create inventions. There are many ways to cook rice to make it new."

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