Saturday, 17 June 2017

Your Trying Time Decides Your Rising or Dying

Hi everyone! It's a pleasure reaching out to you as usual. That's what we do here because your success is my success. I appreciate your feedback and those sharing my post with friends and family. I will never rest till I raise successful people who has seen their life as a mirage and their hope dead.

I do not speak to you as myself but through Christ in me for I am dead but risen in Christ Jesus who has been placed higher than any other name. I do not speak of my own eloquent words but by the utterances released from heaven. I beg of you to open your heart as you are reading this piece because the power is about to fall on you now. If you believe say Amen.

No matter how much you love a child, you will not put such child in school and tell the teacher not to give the child an exam to write. The child must write exams so as to promote to another level. The exam determines whether the child will pass on to the next level or repeat.

The same way we face trials in life. The trials determines how you rise or die. I do not mean death but die I mean is succumb to the trial. Not all who faces trial triumph. But by His grace, we are victorious. Glory be to God who gave us victory. There is no smooth life. In fact when everything is too smooth, be careful about it. It could be planned by the coven of darkness. Show me a great man and I will tell you the battles he has fought and won.

Job was a man that faced trials but he overcame. When you pray and say God do not give me trial, you are simply saying you want to remain in a level. Rather pray for grace to overcome every trials and tribulations. Every man must face his own trial. Be ready to carry your own cross. It is the major reason for existing. Guard your loins and watch your back always. Pray without ceasing.

No trial is greater than any man except you accept defeat. You only need one man and that is Jesus who has been through it all and even in the grave, He was still Lord. He destroyed the captives of death. O death! Where is thy sting? He rose to life on the third day and that's why we are still living. We know he has made us friends with God. Henceforth let no trials trouble you for you bear the mark of Christ.

Why worry yourself about your trial instead give thanks with supplication and make your request known unto the Lord. Every trial is to brace you for the glorious future. David trial was Goliath and he defeated him. That was a preparation to be a warrior. Joseph was already ruling the prisoners and they found solace in him. He mentored them and that was a step to his elevation. He was made a governor in Egypt.

Until you are tested, you can never be trusted. When you run away from trials, you only prolong your day of breakthrough. As we have repetition in schools, same as we have it in heavenly kingdom. Till you pass it, you remain in a spot. I pray for you to receive the power to overcome. That I may know him and the power of his resurrection  receive that power. Every forces against your life is put to an end. Amen

Remember you must first give your life to God if you want to call on him. So I beseech you to settle your scores with God now and the rest becomes easy.

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