Saturday, 29 July 2017

7 Basic Principles To Live...

Until you understand that what matters most in life is you, you will always live for others. I keep telling people to live for yourself but care for others. What I mean care for others is showing compassion to people who are down and weary, people who are depressed.

But remember, putting your happiness at the expense of others' need is complete malady. Yes I mean malady. Okay maybe you will agree with me, a man died on struggle because he wants to make the wife happy. The wife gets married to another man or start sleeping with another in few weeks. 

Parents died for the sake of children, the children eventually make it years after and even without the late parents. So what's the difference? A lady drank poison because her boyfriend cheated or broke up with her. It still doesn't stop the guy from marrying another girl. That's life. 

A worker died today and tomorrow, the boss displays vacancy. So nobody is irreplaceable. You are only remembered or treasured because you are alive and we are still seeing you. One day when the worst happens, it doesn't end the world automatically. 

Here are basic principles to living a peaceful life. 

Stay debt free. The best way to deal with frustration in life is by staying debt free. To do that, you must be willing to cut your coat according to your cloth. Nothing compares to living a debt free life. 

Forgive people for their wrongs. The moment you hold grudges against people, the more your happiness is at stake. Try create an environment of peaceful coexistence. Yes I mean peaceful coexistence with people around you. You can't live in isolation, so if people around you are your enemies, then it's a problem. 

Take everything easy. Once you understand living is not forever, everything becomes useless to you. A man worked hard and died, someone else took over the property left. What's the essence of overworking for title, post or position that doesn't stop man from dying. 

Rest well. Take time to rest because you are getting older every second. The older the year, the nearer to grave. Maybe when people say happy birthday to you, they should also remind you that happy death preparation as well. It is not a curse. 

Never worry about tomorrow or the future. You need to do one basic thing, work hard and believe in tomorrow. Just have that feeling it will be good. Even when it seems like it is not going on well with you, just believe. That's the key. 

Plan your life with what you have. Don't live on waiting for that big thing. It could only make your life miserable. Develop your happiness or joy with what you have. Life starts with you, the present and not the future. Start now. Live your dream. 

Do what you love. Nothing gives more joy than doing what you love doing. It brings that satisfaction and joy. Forget the Six figures, do it. Even if it pays little, do it. Is better to be happy doing what you love than doing something else for the bucks. It still leads to frustration. 

Hope someone has been touched by this piece. Share with others out there. The world needs encouragement. 

I love you. 

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