Thursday, 13 July 2017

All That Matters Most Is You

The definition of live is in the picture above. Life has a lot to offer you only if you know all that matters most is you. Leave people's opinion about you. Everyone's judgement is base on their assessment.

A person who said is impossible only said that based on his capability and strength. It is never a fact. Anything is possible if only you take a bold step towards it. Enough of feeling incapable.

You are only a failure if you quit. Sometimes we fail in life not because we were weak but because we need to use another technique. Perhaps the one we've been using is obsolete. What's important in life is rising again.

Sometimes it looks like it is the end of the world. Sometimes we get upset and want to quit but I tell you nothing else, just the truth. All that matters most is you. Get up, cheer up and don't give up the fight.

The day is always young. Find the right rhythm. Sure you need to blend with the right rhythm. Ask yourself what went wrong, discover it and correct it. You are good to go. If you give up on yourself, it's your problem. All that matters most is you, Success Clone is in You. You are not under a spell. You only postpone your day of celebration to a better day.

Your eyes are filled with tears now. A-ha! Come on, come off it. I mean you, yes you. Am talking to you alone. You know yourself. A lot has been running through your head, you want to give up. Noooo don't do that. Give it a trial once more. Tomorrow comes with opportunity. Better opportunity awaits you. Yes, smile and say I can do it.

Over thinking brings sadness. Sadness leads to depression. Depression leads to stroke or paralysis. Why kill yourself before your time? Tell me if you are the first person passing through it. You are not alone here. We are together.

Millions out there smiling are facing a lot more than you, but the only difference between you and them is the smile. Smiling is free. It means you are not disturbed by the obstacle. It means you are above the obstacle.

Look into the mirror and smile at yourself. Say I am scaling through. Tell yourself you are a conqueror. I congratulate you because you have been declared a winner.

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