Saturday, 15 July 2017

Black and White Story I Was Told

Young Kublah talked to me this week and shared her experience on Racism. She was born to an African parents and grew up in Russia. She however shared this picture with me and told me to help share with the world. Although she is not the one in the picture captioned above, but she felt she got encouraged by the picture.

She reflected on her past and the brouhaha it brought in her life. Young Kublah was a victim of racial abuse and often times, she would cry. She said she got home one day and asked her mother, why am I black? Why can't I be like that white girl? The poor mother could not give an explanation to this. She got depressed and demanded she wanted out of the school.

Even the teacher seemed to treat her special. To crown it all, she was the only black girl in that class. Her skin was dark and she looked special in the class. She had this feeling of being alone and the environment was not working well on her psychic. Sheooutlinedtthatsshebbelievedoonetthing, she was not independent as she needs people around her also. She seemed not to get that attention when she needed.

Young Kublah started staying indoor and her talent got buried in her. The confidence to show the world her skills was not in her anymore, and all she could was stay away from the white world. She felt she doesn't belong to there. She felt she was in another world.

The fear of her skills being rejected were taunting and hurting her emotions. Yes, she had all it takes to be successful but to whom to offer her expertise was the mayhem. Young Kublah felt like the worst being ever created by God.

On this cold afternoon, she was sleeping at home when she heard a noise. The house of her neighbor was on fire. Smoke was coming out of the window in the room and she was getting choked up. She decided to raise alarm but she was scared of being accused. She however, summoned up the courage, she raised alarm and fire fighters were contacted.

Young Kublah heard the cry of a baby and she knew it was the neighbor and her child being trapped in the burning building. She knew the worst could had happened before the fire fighters would arrived. Young Kublah broke into the house and rescued the baby. She was partly burned as she put in all her best and brought the child out.

She was rushed to the hospital and given immediate treatment. When asked what motivated the young girl of age thirteen for such heroic efforts, she said 'maybe because I am black and fire might not burn a black person. I felt for the white child and I don't want her to get burnt and be black like me, so she won't live with the regrets of being black'.

Here comes the one million dollars worth notice...
Let love be in us. Let's accept everyone the way they are. Whether Latino, American, European, African, Asian, etc. We are all one, and the diversity of color and race show the uniqueness of the world. I need you as a black man, I need you as a white man. The blessedness of it all is, living in peace and making the world a better place to stay.

Fight off every racial abuse and report any case of racism. Together we can build the world. Young Kublah has done it all... Let's keep the fight. Read and share this post till it goes viral into the world.

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