Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cheap Fruits That Are Good For Your Health

Sickness is the last thing I would ever pray for my enemies. Sickness takes a lot from you, it makes you give up your joy, strength, freedom, mind, money and even life. The annoying part of it all, it creeps in gradually. 

Sickness doesn't strike suddenly, it piles up and gets bigger as the day passes by, it keeps destroying you bit by bit. That's why you must act NOW. Fight it every day of your life. 

The problem with human is, we don't know when to say no. Nothing can be compared to having sound health. The difference between a living and the dead is dream. Only the living can achieve dream. The dead is gone and forgotten. Most times we work and over labor ourselves, while someone else enjoys the fruit of our labor. 

Sometimes we accuse so many people of being responsible for our woes. For how long will you keep shifting blames on your neighbor? Why not look into the Mirror and answer these questions, are you satisfying your body? Do you give enough rest to yourself? Are you money oriented and believe all that matters is money?

Is better to have little in sound health than having the whole world in sickness. You need to look at your health now. Exercise often, rest well and eat quality food. Give no room to sickness, instead give your health the best treat. Business tycoons out there, musicians, preachers, athletes, medical practitioners, do you take your health serious? 

My dear students reading this article, do you rest well. Resting is also a pathway to success. What does it profit a man, if he spends his good health acquiring success and forfeit his own life after achieving them? 

What you eat is your life. What gives life are either free or cheap, is what kills that are expensive. Your health matters to me most. As a statistician, the figures we get, I mean the statistics we get on sicknesses and mortality every year is alarming. That has prompted me to write about fruits you can take to improve the state of your well-being. 

The picture below depicts them clearly. Carefully study it and adhere to it in your own best way. 

God cures, human tries. Let's try our best and hope in God. It shall be well on every soul reading this, Amen. 

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