Sunday, 30 July 2017

Don't Look Back... That is Your Storm

Maybe if we knew how close we were to success, we wouldn't have stopped. Maybe if we knew life doesn't go without a storm, we would be undisturbed by slight change in situations.

I am talking to someone out there, you have been going through a turbulent moment and you felt like quitting. You have to continue. When you feel tired, it means you are almost there. Think about the past stress, will you let them die off like that? 

I am talking to an entrepreneur, your business is not moving the way you thought it would, despite the fact you had put more passion and resources. If you close it down now, you still have to start afresh with another. You still need same passion, resources and perseverance to start a new one. Meaning you have to hold on.

I am talking to a pastor reading this, your ministry is frustrating you and you are wondering if it was God that actually called you or you had chosen the wrong career. I tell you the truth, working for God is the most difficult thing in life. You need perseverance but the grace is available for you. Only if you would hold on. 

I am talking to a wife or husband reading this article, your home is not the way it started. Marriage has its rigors, you have to endure it. Maybe one day, things will work well.  You have to learn to grow in love. There are storms on the way, don't look back.

What about the students reading this, you have failed over times and you want to quit. Failure is never the opposite of Success but it is part of Success. Quitting is only the easiest way to fail. You have to examine your methods anyway. 

I am talking to an unemployed person, you have been jobless since you graduated. Why wait for so long? Explore new opportunities, create from new ideas. If life doesn't give you bread,  buy cheese. What's important is you have eaten.

I am talking to a sick person, you have been bedridden or carrying a sickness for a while. Tell yourself now that you are strong. Carry yourself up and exercise that hope, faith and believe. Say I Am Strong Through Christ That Strengthens me.

I am talking to a bachelor or spinster, you are fed up because no one is coming right now. Check your attitude. Check yourself and let go of your pride. Stop being harsh, life ain't what it seems. Attitude is everything. 

I am talking to an orphan now, life unbearable for you. You are like a rough Diamond that must go through fire before the beauty can be seen. Stay stronger and bolder, channel your pains on your passion. Everything good will come. 

Talking to everybody, you are like an athlete running, if you stop to answer the crowd. You will never go far. Don't look back, its your Storm. Believe is the key to life. Perseverance makes you enjoy the Dream ahead and Hard Work gives a platform for breakthrough.

 Hold on, God bless you. 

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