Saturday, 8 July 2017

Getting Over Your Past

The greatest enemy of a man's future is an unsettled past. Nothing haunts and taunts you like a dirty secrets covered. I have seen people commit suicide because they couldn't get over their past.

I have seen husbands and wives keeping top secret from themselves. I have seen relationship come to an abrupt end because a can of worms was opened. I have seen friends become enemy because of a hidden past.

Getting over your past is the only way to be happy and stay depression free. An unsettled past could lead slavery.

I remember a lady who was keeping her past from her present relationship, she could not tell the partner. It was just a week to the wedding, the secret got opened and the whole wedding ended.

Why do you think some people were being blackmailed or taken advantage of? It is just because of an unsettled past.

Here I will show you how you can handle your dirty past....

Always know good and bad things happen to people, do not always beat yourself because of your past. The more you know that, the more your past will mean nothing to you.

Once someone is aware of your past, then know that it is no longer hidden. No matter how secretive the person is, he/she will still tell someone he/she also believes in. Then your past will be open one day. 

Let your loved ones be aware of your past. This would help you in getting enough counsel from them. Carry them along with what you can not bear alone.

Seek counsel from religious or professional body. They will give you detailed and structured advice. They will also plan a strategic way you can go about it.

Always know that your past is as harmless as tea cup. Don't go crazy about it. Nothingiisnnewuunderthe sun and your case is not an exception. The worst thing has happened. Life is just a cycle, it keeps revolving around the same line.

Let go of what you can not change or remove. Letting go completely is the way out. Do not be depressed by the past when the future has a lot to offer. What doesn'tkill you, makes you stronger.

Be with someone who sees the best in you. Stay with the person that believe in your future. Make your friends people that see your potential and are willing to grow up with you.

See your past as a learning curve. Ensure you learn from it and pass it. A failed could lead to repetition. Be sure you discover why you fail.

Avoid people who reminds you of your past or who always make reference to them. The past is just as good as a dead man who can't do anything.

Tell your partner about it. If your partner can not stay, let go of the relationship. Stay with someone that accept you the way you are. Someone will always accept you because of your present and not the past.

Don't complicate your issue by trying to cover up with lies. It would only be catastrophic in future. Lies will only build your castle in the air and one day it will fall on you.

Remember happy people have their past, they only got over it and moved on. That's what made them a strong personality they are today. I once remembered Oprah Winfrey story. She was raped at a tender age...

I hope these tips will help you deal with some of those dirty past you can't let go.

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