Wednesday, 12 July 2017

If Only You Could Come Closer, You Will See The Beauty Of Life

The image above depicts a lot of meaning about life if only you could take a closer look at it. When you view it from afar, it gives certain strange images of animals but the beauty of it comes when you take a closer and clearer view of it.

That's why I am talking to you about life based on this image. So many things we have missed, so many opportunities we have forfeited, so many helpers we have pushed away simply because we looked and judged from afar.

An adage says "don't be too fast to judge people from afar, you have no clue of what they have been through."

The beauty of life comes when we come closer. We have a better chance of seeing it bigger, better and brighter. Stop drawing your conclusion from a distance.

If one is to go by the image, one would run away by the animals it depicted but when we move closer, we see lovely faces. Same goes to you in life, don't run away from your challenges because it looked scary in the beginning. If only you will move closer, you will see that you are able and capable of overcoming.

A problem from afar is always scary but a closer look or step gives the strength and makes you bolder. You can not overcome any problem by looking at it from afar. You have to take the bull by the horn. Taking the bull by the horn entails coming closer.

Don't judge your present with your past rather mover closer to your present. Your past is moving far away from you, drawing back on it makes you go away from actualizing your dreams.

Have you been jilted in a relatinship, you can't get over it by staying far from people who could ease your pain. The more you isolate yourself, the more you are haunted. Why not move closer and give that person a chance. If you judge from afar, you might miss it forever.

Problems are meant to be confronted not shy away from. An unsettled problem is like a child failing an exam. Repetition is bound to happen. Grow up everyday, stay grounded and challenge your challenges.

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