Friday, 21 July 2017

Leaving Your Lane

Just like a car on the road has to maintain its lane to avert any form of collision that could bring about fatal accident. Same every human has been created to do exploit only in his lane. Sometimes we often measure success by what we can see or acquire, yes monetary terms mostly. I believe fulfilling mandate is what makes a successful life. 

Money is always an added advantage. No man fulfils mandate and live to regret it. Doing what you are created to do. It doesn't matter how long it takes, doing it pays dividends in the long run. No man enjoys success without the test of time. Every man must remain in his lane. 

We are not in the World to compete with anybody, we are to compliment ourselves and that can only happens, when we're in our lane. A footballer takes his time to watch other sports. He is also an entertainer but needs other people to satisfy his own needs too. He can't do it all.

We are all made for each other. Black or White, no matter who you are, or where you are from, we need each other to survive. I can't compare my lane to yours. I will never be the richest or poorest. I will always be in my lane. Problem abound from unhealthy comparison. The obsession for possession brings regrets that may be detrimental to your future. 

Creating jealousy and envy. Getting the heart heavy with burden not necessary. Pulling you out of your Lane. Who are you wrestling with? Today we live, tomorrow we are gone. Why unnecessary competition? 

Stay in your lane, you are a boss. A rabbit runs faster than a tortoise. A tortoise gets jealous of his slow movement and envied the rabbit. But a rabbit has a maximum of three year life span while a tortoise has 150 year life span. 

Tell me why the jealousy? We are all unique in our different ways. We are made to compliment. Every rivalry should be a healthy one. It should make us improve and not embittered. We all have our lane. 

I can't be you, you can't be me. But I need you to make me happy. I need you to bear my pains and console me in terms of sorrow. If you smile with me, try cry with me as well. We're in this together. 

We never can tell when we will say goodbye but we are still breathing, let's smile together. Life is vanity. Life is useless. Your joy matters to me than gold. Your prosperity is my wish so you can help my own ambitions too. 

You are not my competitor, you are my partner in progress. Together we will change the world. Let's stay in our lane so we can all bring good tidings to the future. 

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I love you. 

Nemesis of a broken made a young girl lived a hopeless life. She fought the fight against rape, molestation, and insecurities. Finding solace in people who only took advantage of her naivety. She however continued to struggle till she faced the greatest blow of her life... Coming soon: HAUNTED WORLD

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