Thursday, 27 July 2017

Show Some Love To The World

I am using this medium to encourage everyone out there about an important topic bothering me for ages. I know you might expect a kind of motivational and inspirational write-ups but this is also an interesting part of living.

Many people out there need your love and support. They need your prayer, presence and encouragement. Don't you know you are a light to darkness? You are a hope to the hopeless and a dream to the helpless.

This young boy in the picture above made me feel pretty bad today. I wonder what might have caused the deformity. He has no sin neither did he offend God. I wonder what we might be thinking as well about him.

All I want to plead for is we show some love to people similar to him. The motherless home and other sick people. They need us to be happy. They need us to be strong. Let's show them the love. We were only fortunate to be free from deformity. It is never our right but grace saved us.

What about prisoners, let's not make them feel dejected. Some were jailed for a sin never committed. Some were paying price for a mistaken identity. Why should we now look at them like nobody?

I weep whenever I see them. Some dreams had been shattered and some destiny ruined. Why not save a soul today?  You never can tell. Include the poor and needy in your plans in life. Show the act of gratitude by supporting them wherever you are in the world. I pray we all never be a victim of casualty in life. Share this piece with a friend.

Chinedu Ihekwoaba
I love you all

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