Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Sink or Swim

A young man who was fed up with everything in life went to see a soothsayer. The soothsayer is well known for accurate prophecies. Anything he says, comes to past. The young man explained all his misfortunes. He wanted to be sure if he was destined to be great. After their conversation, the soothsayer went in and came out with a white and black thread, and a millipede. 

He use both threads to make a circle and put it at few distance to each other. He then placed the millipede in between both. He told the young man if it crawls into white, he will make it in life but if black, he will never see greener pastures. 

The young man looked on praying. He was happy as the millipede started crawling towards the white thread. It crawled towards white and almost entered but suddenly, turned back and went towards black. The young man frowned in disappointment and looked on disheartened. The millipede was almost going to enter the black thread when he stood up and grabbed it. He placed it into the white thread. 

The soothsayer marvelled at that sight and asked why he had done that. The young man said, "you told me black thread signified misfortune, so will I watch my life get ruined?" 

The soothsayer smiled and said, "that is why you have to continue trying. Your destiny is in your hands. Keep trying and don't fold them." I want to tell you no amount of prayers, it boils down to the step taken. 

God will not intervene in what is below or within your common-sense. He only comes in when it is bigger than you. Some things do not need only prayer, action is needed. Stay positive and keep trying. 

As you pray, don't fold those arms. Explore something new, try another method. Why complain? Carry on. Will you fold your hands and watch your life get ruined, do something about it. 
Stay positive about it and pray continually. 

Thank you...

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