Monday, 24 July 2017

What You Don't Know About Your Husband

Sometimes we men are taken for a monster. Nobody out there ever believed in us. We've been tagged the craziest being ever created by God. Here I will show you fifty facts you must know about your husband.

1. Your husband is the head, respect him.

2. Your husband has a lot of burden to carry, support him.

3. Your husband has ups and downs too, encourage him.

4. Your husband has his flaw, overlook it.

5. Your husband may fail to bring money sometimes, manage him.

6. Your husband has family too, give them time.

7. Your husband is self willed, submit to him.

8. Your husband owns your body, give it to him anytime he wants.

9. Your husband can not always pester you to talk always, open up too.

10. Your husband can't foot the bills alone, be resourceful.

11. Your husband is your crown, wear it about.

12. Your husband is weak sometimes, be there for him.

13. Your husband faces challenges too, pray for him.

14. Your husband is your half, always complete him.

15. Your husband is not mandated to do it always, praise him.

16. Your husband may earn less than you, keep his secret.

17. Your husband makes blunder, don't play the shift-blame game.

18. Your husband has  bad days sometimes, cuddle him.

19. Your husband is your partner, don't hide anything from him.

20. Your husband loves to exercise his power, correct with love.

21. Your husband loves to argue, leave him to his opinion that moment.

22. Your husband is younger than you, don't treat him like a younger sibling.

23. Your husband is human, accept his idiosyncrasies.

24. Your husband is your first boss, show him respect.

25. Your husband is your confidant, leave your mother off your issues.

26. Your husband has friends, be accommodating.

27. Your husband likes food, don't be a lazy cook.

28. Your husband loves surprises too, thrill him always.

29. Your husband is your god, worship him.

30. Your husband is depressed, be his comforter.

31. Your husband needs love too, give more than he expects.

32. Your husband is not a   robot, do some chores yourself.

33. Your husband is not your servant, appreciate his deeds.

34. Your husband is not your ATM, give him money too.

35. Your husband has his birthday as well, celebrate him.

36. Your husband gets tired, don't add more to his burden.

37. Your husband can not be right always, don't see him as a mad man.

38. Your husband can not provide all for you, don't look outside.

39. Your husband is not violent, you only need to keep silent for him.

40. Your husband is handsome, tell him every time.

41. Your husband comes home late always, look into the mirror.

42. Your husband is your destiny, shape it well.

43. Your husband takes you for who you present yourself to be, think twice.

44. Your husband needs your advice, don't assume he won't take it.

45. Your husband gets cumbered with activities, understand him.

46. Your husband is your leader, follow him.

47. Your husband has authority, beware of his curse.

48. Your husband owns the children too, don't turn them against him.

49. Your husband has female friends too, don't suspect him always.

50. Your husband is the only source of joy in your marriage not the kids, grow to love and understand him.

Chinedu Ihekwoaba.

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