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Why You May Never Fulfill Your Purpose in Life..

Hi Readers out there! Welcome to another wonderful moment with 24hrstrending. I have been inspired to write to you from above. Since I was born, have known one thing about myself, which is using words to convey my minds and transform the world around me.

I was born to write, tell stories about life changing messages from what I see around me. Ever since I have discovered this talent in me, I have grabbed it with all my heart and soul. Just like you are reading this article, I also read other people's article. No man is an island of knowledge. We are all born to add different tips about life into ourselves and that makes it whole.

You might be gifted or talented, but if you fail to maximize it to its full potential, you may never fulfill your purpose. I will show you reasons why I have concluded this article for someone out there.

Fulfilling purpose is more than just counting your age. Quote me anywhere, the greatest problem in life is discovering yourself and utilising the God's given gift in you. Your talent definitely has an expiry date just like consumable goods. As each day counts, you are a step closer to your grave and surely the talent is dying everyday. Can a dead man showcase his talent?

What have you done to the world if death comes today? Have you ever changed the world or are you destroying it? Remember the world starts with you, your family, community, state, country and anywhere you find yourself.

Here are few tips for you to scrutinize yourself and make amends:

Lack integrity.
Fulfill purpose must come with one thing important, and that is integrity. When you are not a man of integrity, you simply have no brand. You have no style. You are just like a weather. It changes over and over again. You become like everybody. A lady without integrity becomes a victim of abuse and sexual harassment.

No direction.
A man must know where he is going. Gone are those days we say 'when a man knows where he is coming from, he knows where he's going.' It doesn't work again to me. A man must constantly tell himself where he's going. A lot of people knew where they were coming from but missed it along the way. When a man has no direction, every direction will be applicable and good to him. The devastating state for man is going all directions like a clock, if he doesn't warn out easily, he will be useless to himself. Others will borrow him to build their own destiny and future. He is shown the exit door after he had been used. A lady without a direction becomes a sex tool for every available man. Knowing where to go saves time, resources and energy.

Easiest way.
No free food in Freetown. Do not be deceived. Anything that comes without a price makes you the price automatically. The easiest thing to do in life is to work hard. Let nobody deceive you with get rich quick tactics. Living in life is a business. Every man is trading for his happiness. Running away from challenges is like postponing your day of challenges. A fail trial in life will surely keep coming back to you. That's why some women failed in many relationships because they had not learnt what made them fall.

This is very important aspect of fulfilling purpose. When you complain too much, you see nothing good about anything. Some people seem to see everything bad about every situation. Learn to draw positive from every bad situation. Life is a learning curve. Good and bad things happen to everybody. The happiest man has a trying moment. Everything can not be smooth always. Stop complaining but draw positive. Life is not assured for anyone, we only secure it through the help of God.

Show me anyone that has done something good without a connection. Connections is very vital in doing anything. Someone discovered Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Anthony Joshua, Korede Bello, Eminem, and so many celebrities out there. It all comes from connection. Sometimes some people brag about being independent. No man is independent, start building your connection. You will definitely need it in life. If you must fulfill your purpose in life, build your connection around people suitable to your purpose in life. If your purpose in life is being into ministration, you definitely have to build your connection around religious people. Assuming my purpose in life is to pastor a church, it would be crazy if my connection is only built around Anthony Joshua. I can be friends with Anthony Joshua and the likes, but it only has to be a mutual one, surely I will be needing them too one day. Ensure you have a very wide connection. How wide and effective your connection is, the closer you are.

Who is your mentor? Your mentor is relevant to attaining heights in life. You can admire many mentors but you  must definitely have one. Having numerous mentors could be misleading because everyone's philosophy will differs. Choose a mentor that brings the best out of your strength. Staywith a mentor that knows 60% about you.

In this dynamic world, you must be flexible to keep abreast. Flexibility brings versatility. Techniques are changing every day. Frictional unemployment has shown us how people had been rooted to a style of discharging service and when innovation came in, all were swept away like dirt. If you go through all the articles in my blog, you will see versatility in my work. I have designed my blog in such a way everybody will find something to read. Sometimes when I check my stats, some articles have forgotten still popped up. That shows someone went through it. Ensure you are flexible. It's crazy how things fade away in life. I have much respect for Ay the Comedian. You could see the versatility in his work.

Hard work
Even Davido that calls himself 'Omo Baba Olowo' works hard like anything. Whenever I hear about him on the radio, I know it was the result of yesterday hard work. The hard work of yesterday will definitely pay you tomorrow. Fatai Rolling Dollar is a typical example of this. He made it in his late years. Do not despise the dividend of hard work. Do something relevant to your purpose and when opportunity comes, you can easily grab. Opportunity welcomes laid down hard work.

I will be writing more on this in the future.
Remember acquiring knowledge is paramount to achieving your purpose in life. That's why I will recommend this book for you. Simply click and get a copy Success Clone is in You

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