Friday, 4 August 2017

Things We Got Wrong In Life

I was sitting on my couch thinking about the past. I looked into what have done wrong in the past. My past experience in life. I had the privilege to meet some people some times ago. They shared various lessons  they had learnt as well.

After much dialogue I was able to highlight these few points about life. What we actually got wrong while we were growing.

Sometimes we fall in love thinking it would make us happy forever but we got it all wrong. People with such mindset end up being frustrated. Falling in love is not the medicine for your sadness. Except you understand that only one person decides your happiness and the person is you.

Another thinking we got wrong was thinking marriage is the antidote to sadness. Marriage is a game of two bosses where one must act like subordinate for the other else it is the beginning of the Third World War.

What about money. More money more problems. Going into rituals or kidnapping just to get Money, thinking that's the only means you could be happy. That's a very wrong motive about being happy. You got it all wrong if you think your money will wipe away your sorrow. Life itself is sorrowful. Today we smile and tomorrow we frown.

Going into a business and expecting a very huge profit. Naaa. It doesn't work that way. Hell no. You have to build the business to a certain height and mind you no guaranteed time. You have to keep working. Get your thinking right. If you must run a big business, you must build it big. A millionaire can run a millionaire business, so if you ain't one, forget about it.

Graduating from school with good grades and expecting a very big managerial role or position. Well maybe, it is your family's company. You have to let go of your pride and probably drop your certificate to explore other opportunities if the job ain't coming. Use your head and knowledge to build your dreams.
Life comes to people who believe and work hard. Believe in yourself and stay grounded.

If you want to be happy, make your mindset independent of anything. Trust in yourself. Only you decides when you are happy. Thanks and have a nice day.

God bless the World.

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