Monday, 19 March 2018

Live for yourself but care for others.

I have seen people say I am working for my children, husband or wife.

I have seen people say I am working for my family and over work themselves.

Let me hit you with the truth:

If you die of stress, your children will still become whatsoever they have been destined to be with determination.

If you kill yourself with stress, your husband will get another wife or wife gets another husband.

That is life for you.

Your friends will move on with life. The world only remember the living. No matter how good you are, people only remember you sometimes or never when your generation is gone.

Care for others but live for yourself. All that matters most is you. Give yourself 90 percent of the best and give others the rest.

The world don't really care if you do it here or there.

Chinedu Ihekwoaba ©2017

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