Monday, 19 March 2018

Tackle Depression


I am depressed

My friends rejected

My family neglected 

No one seems to care

No one to dry my tears 

I carried the burden for years

It was all mine to bear

Why am I depressed? 

Why am I compressed? 

I try to figure it out 

There was no doubt

  I don't have a job

Low sales in my company 
 I lack materialistic things

The truth is this:

None of these satisfies forever

None will make you live forever either

Do not forget

 It is just for the moment 

They only define the present

 Don't let people define you

Don't let things take away your value

Because they don't see the value in you

Doesn't stop you from doing what you are supposed to do 

 You have nothing to prove

 Just be you

 Live your world 

Pray to God

 Do good to your neighbor

You get repaid more

 Impress yourself

Live life to the fullest 

Compete with yourself

Stay with friends

Real friends who are different from the rest

Let go things that give you stress instead of interest 

 And you will never be depressed

Share your thoughts and let's see how I can help...


Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba 


  1. Nice flow of words, I feel like I could keep reading although turned heavy..
    Yes depression is temporary, however long that last. And suicide is permanent.


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